Launches First-of-its-Kind Legal Software Solution uses the cloud to provide law practices secure software for a fraction of the cost

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NEW YORK--()--LegalTech 2012, Booth 2020—, (, the complete cloud computing solution for lawyers, today announced the launch of its pioneering legal software system that consolidates the software needs of a legal practice in one secure seamless system. By using the cloud and its unique “loop” architecture, fully and securely integrates front and back-office software at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems without the hassle and inefficiency of going back and forth between several competing legal software products. takes cloud-based solutions to a new level of operating efficiency never before realized in the legal industry, meeting the challenges that every law firm faces, including:

  • Document Management, Comparison and Review
  • Records Management
  • Business Networking
  • Collaboration

“ was made for lawyers by lawyers,” said creator and Co-CEO of, Tom Zuber. “When we started our firm, we needed this exact solution. I was frustrated with the overpriced legal software packages and the disproportionate IT overhead. Using patented cloud-based technology we created a superior alternative. can save a 50-person law firm an estimated $240,000 a year in IT-related costs alone.” levels the playing field for firms of all sizes with affordable monthly access fees and no setup costs. also:

  • Eliminates IT infrastructure overhead
  • Removes costs associated with software-based, local servers
  • Reduces non-billable time and saves money

“ will revolutionize the way that lawyers practice law, and a few years from now we will all wonder how it was done any other way,” said Alan Rothenberg, Co-Founder and former Managing Partner of Manatt Phelps, and Founder and Chairperson of 1st Century Bank.

How It Works members communicate through individualized profiles similar to what is used on business networking sites but created specifically for legal collaboration. Each profile contains the user’s contact information with quick links to voice or video call, email or message directly from a profile with just the click of a mouse.

All “Loops” operate on a cost-effective, cloud-based platform to deliver protected and robust enterprise-level performance to a legal firm of any size. eliminates the need for any computer hardware other than a terminal to the cloud and a document scanner.

A “Loop” is defined as a group of individuals collaborating in a particular organization, on a project or on a set of documents, either within a firm or with outside firms and clients. features three secure “Loops” to increase productivity:

  • Secure Organization Loops (SELs) house a firm’s document management system. The entire firm can securely share this document management system and be able to access it from any computer with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.
  • Secure Project Loops (SPLs) represent all of the matters or cases with which an attorney is involved. One SPL allows everyone both internally and externally involved in a matter or case to confidentially collaborate.
  • Secure Document Exchange Loops (SDELs) are where read-only documents can be shared externally to opposing council, experts, etc. in a secured environment outside of a firm’s firewall.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office or Open Office
  • One-Click Communication Toolbar enables members to quickly communicate with their contacts with the click of a mouse
  • Patented Alias Folder system lets attorneys title folders any way they like without it affecting other users
  • Search 100’s of pages of documents for specific terms and instantly redact those words or phrases

Security Guaranteed’s security is second to NONE providing the safest possible cloud storage and communication. is a certified cloud-based provider and meets the highest standards of security on par with leading banking institutions and military organizations.

Founders was founded by attorneys Tom Zuber, Olivier Taillieu, Jeff Zuber and Josh Lawler, who were all also founding partners of Zuber and Taillieu LLP, in 2003. Zuber and Taillieu represent eight Fortune 100 companies, including cultural touchstones like the Coca Cola company and iconic government entities, including the FDIC and CalPERS. Tom Zuber and Olivier Taillieu serve as Co-CEOs of while Jeff Zuber and Josh Lawler serve as Co-Chairmen. Together they bring extensive legal backgrounds and entrepreneurial know-how from growing their own global firm from the ground floor.

Tom Zuber created to integrate legal enterprise software, documents and networking capabilities that address the diverse needs of lawyers in one scalable solution for a fraction of the financial investment.

“ makes it easy and more affordable to run a successful law practice,” said Taillieu. “ is your companion in operating a profitable practice so you can spend more time being a great attorney.”

Demos of are available at LegalTech 2012 Booth 2020. For more information visit

About is a complete cloud computing solution, created by lawyers for lawyers. It revolutionizes legal enterprise software by integrating the next generation of front- and back-office software, in the cloud, through an online business-networking platform. allows professionals to manage and share documents seamlessly and securely and to more efficiently collaborate with colleagues.'s next-generation technology has resulted in over 10 patents and patents pending. Discover more at

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Anya Benton, 213-596-1660
Grayling Connecting Point
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