Proxibid Introduces Premier Services for Heavy Construction and Agricultural Equipment Auctions

OMAHA, Neb.--()--Proxibid (, the world’s largest real auction marketplace, today introduced Proxibid Premier Services (, value-added services designed to increase the bottom line for heavy construction and agricultural equipment auctions.

Proxibid Inspect
Proxibid Inspect enables auction companies to provide buyers with full disclosure of the equipment’s history prior to purchase, including S/N verification. Our team will take 50 to 70 photos and an operational video before any refurbishing services take place. Then, our team will perform a detailed physical inspection of the piece, including all critical components, machine operation and oil samples. Following any refurbishing, we will take photographs of the item, which will be included in an online presentation of your detailed equipment report.

With Proxibid Inspect, buyers have access to the detailed equipment report right at their fingertips. Our goal is to tell buyers the whole story about a piece of equipment, and to provide them with enough information to make an educated buying decision.

Proxibid Revive
Proxibid Revive offers a complete suite of environmentally friendly equipment refurbishing services that will improve selling prices, increase bidder and consignor confidence in auctions and turn refurbishing into a profit center for auction companies. Our exclusive Revive process includes wash and detail services, as well as our proprietary Color and Pigment Revitalizer (CPR), which returns luster and shine to equipment — all for less than half the cost of re-paint.

Our team also offers wash, detail paint and decal services, as well as à la carte offerings such as sale day rinse, interior clean, power washing, decal removal and custom decal services to make machines uniquely yours.

Proxibid End2End
Proxibid End2End offers a complete solution for moving auction items between sellers and buyers. Whether you need someone to disconnect, package, rig and load, transport or simply to drive on and haul, Proxibid End2End makes logistics easy. Our team of experienced, certified and insured professionals can assist with loading, securing, transporting and unloading as well as disconnecting, crating/packing, unpacking, set-up, connecting and clean-up.

“They do a great job cleaning, prepping and painting the equipment. It pays to invest the money in refurbishing because buyers’ eyes gravitate toward the nicer looking machines,” said Bill Wiggins of Wiggins Electric. “Proxibid Revive does a great job of making those machines look their best.”

Proxibid Inspect, Proxibid Revive and Proxibid End2End can be added to any Proxibid heavy construction equipment and agricultural equipment auction.

“Proxibid Premier Services is a terrific tool for auction companies serious about adding value to their bottom line,” said Mike Kramer, President of Proxibid Premier Services. “No one else in the industry offers the level of service and expertise our team brings to every event.”

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Dana Kaufman

Release Summary

Proxibid today introduced Proxibid Premier Services (www.proxibidpremierservices), value-added services designed to increase the bottom line for heavy construction and agricultural equipment auctions.


Dana Kaufman