Finnish and American Experts to Share Best Practices in Education Reform

Technology, Funding Policies and Teacher Education Are Key Topics to be Discussed at Global Conference

STANFORD, Calif.--()--In almost every conversation on education reform these days, Finland's education system inevitably comes up. "Finlandophilia," as one reporter called it, is growing because of the country's top-ranking status on international tests, among other measures, and because this success comes through very different policies and practices than those that are the norm in the United States.

An upcoming conference at Stanford brings together academic and policy experts from the United States and Finland to identify effective policy and practice approaches to create high quality education for all learners. Leading researchers, practitioners, administrators and policymakers from the two countries will address education reform through technology and social media, teacher preparation, curriculum and instruction, funding policy, and social supports. Participants will also discuss how to set common objectives for future cooperation and knowledge sharing between Finnish and American stakeholders.

Preceding the conference will be a lecture and book signing by Pasi Sahlberg, author of the recent book, Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? The lecture will be moderated by Stanford University professor and Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education co-director Linda Darling-Hammond, who has written extensively on the subject as well.

The lecture takes place Tuesday, January 17, from noon-2 p.m. at Stanford University, CERAS 100B. The conference follows in the same location, beginning at 4 p.m. on January 17 and throughout the day on Wednesday, January 18. The conference is free for students and open to the general public with a sliding-scale fee (see details below).

Below is a list of speakers; the conference schedule is posted at Participants will be available to talk with reporters throughout the conference and by arrangement.

The lecture is sponsored by Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) and SCANCOR. The conference is sponsored by H-STAR Institute (Stanford University), CICERO Learning Network (University of Helsinki), the Finnish Consulate General in Los Angeles, and SCOPE.


When:   January 17 (4:00pm-7:30pm) & January 18 (8:30am-6:30pm), 2012
Where: Stanford University; CERAS Building, room 100B, 520 Galvez Mall
Cost: $40 (basic); $100 (full, includes a tour and dinner at the Computer History Museum)
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Conference details


Questions: Adelaide Dawes, 650-924-0144


Kathryn Baron, Co-Writer, Thoughts on Public Education, Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Jo Boaler, Professor of Education, Stanford University

Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommon Professor of Education at Stanford University and Co-Director of SCOPE

Keith Devlin, Executive Director, H-STAR Institute, Stanford University

Cynthia Dion-Schwarz, Deputy Assistant Director, Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering, National Science Foundation

Pam Grossman, Nomellini Olivier Professor of Education, Stanford University

Esko Hamilo, Under-Secretary of State, External Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

Karim Kai Ani, Founder, Mathalicious

Harri Ketamo, CTO, eedu ltd

Krista Kiuru, Minister of Housing and Communications, Finland

Ann Lieberman, Senior Scholar, SCOPE and Professor Emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University

Rachel Lotan, Professor of Education, Stanford University

Theresa Maldonado, Director, Division of Engineering Education and Centers, National Science Foundation

Markku Mattila, President, Academy of Finland

Dan Meyer, Stanford University doctoral student, former high school math teacher

Jari Multisilta, Professor, Director of CICERO Learning, University of Helsinki

Hannele Niemi, Professor, University of Helsinki

Renee Patton, Manager, U.S. Public Sector Director of Education, Cisco Systems

Eleanor Rieffel, Senior Research Scientist, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Pasi Sahlberg, Director, CIMO (Center for International Mobility, Finland)

Andreas Schleicher, Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary General of the OECD

Lee Shulman, Professor Emeritus of Education, Stanford University

Eero Silvennoinen, Director, Software and Telecommunications Technologies, Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Claude Steele, Dean, Stanford School of Education

Henry Tirri, Executive Vice President and CTO, Nokia

Kirsi Tirri, Professor of Education, University of Helsinki

Kirsti Westphalen, Consul General of Finland


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Release Summary

The Consulate General of Finland and Stanford University are hosting a global conference about successful education reform. January 17-18, 2012.


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