J.A. Green & Company Forms Strategic Materials Advisory Council

A Joint Effort with Senior Defense Leaders and Industry Experts

WASHINGTON--()--J.A. Green & Company announces the creation of the STRATEGIC MATERIALS ADVISORY COUNCIL in response to numerous threats facing the U.S. industrial base and strategic and critical materials supply chain. This group of former Department of Defense leaders and industry experts will provide practical solutions and support to ensure the United States has access to the metals, materials and components required for a vibrant economy, advances in green and high technology applications, and the best-equipped, most capable military in the world.

The Council will:

  • Identify strategic and critical materials used in defense and energy applications, including materials that may face future supply interruption.
  • Inform Executive Branch officials, Members of Congress, industry and the public about the role of strategic and critical materials in the U.S. industrial base.
  • Produce policy recommendations and risk-mitigation strategies to counter current and future threats to the industrial base, and national security.
  • Promote a proactive and forward-looking approach within the United States Government and industry to avoid disruptions in future developments that depend upon strategic and critical materials.

J.A. Green & Company President Jeff Green stated, “The Strategic Materials Advisory Council will offer unparalleled expertise and leadership to help secure materials that are truly critical to our nation’s economic, technological, and national security. Our goal is to facilitate constructive dialogue between the U.S. Government and industry, leading to sound public policy that safeguards our national interests and supports a robust industrial base.”

Toward these ends, the Advisory Council expects to convene regularly and meet with key Government and industry officials, promulgate background materials, analyze alternatives and provide recommendations regarding the most effective approach to securing access to strategic and critical materials.


Eminent experts with first-hand knowledge of materials in the supply chain, from mining and extraction to manufacturing of high-tech products, include:

Dean Popps: Mr. Popps served as Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology. He also served in the Coalition Provisional Authority. Before entering government service, Mr. Popps was a successful private attorney and telecommunications entrepreneur.

Vice Admiral Barry Costello, USN (ret.): VADM Costello transitioned from the U.S. Navy in 2007 after 34 years of service. VADM Costello’s career included posts as Commander, Third Fleet, Chief of Legislative Affairs, and chief of all U.S. Surface Naval forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Major General Jeffrey Riemer, USAF (ret.): Maj Gen Reimer recently transitioned from the U.S. Air Force after 34 years of service, last serving as Program Executive Officer for the F-22 Program. Maj Gen Riemer has a wide range of experience including important posts in the acquisition and test communities.

Cornel Holder: Mr. Holder has served in numerous roles at the Defense Logistics Agency, including Administrator for Strategic Materials. Mr. Holder brings years of experience with industrial base issues to the Council, including his experience creating the Department of Defense Strategic Material Security Program (SMSP).

Gareth Hatch, Ph.D.: Dr. Hatch is the Founding Principal of Technology Metals Research and President and Director of Innovation Metals Corp. He had been Director of Technology at Dexter Magnetic Technologies, focusing on magnetic materials for aerospace, defense, medical, data storage, oil & gas, and renewable energy sectors.

James Hedrick: Mr. Hedrick recently completed a 31-year career in public service as a rare-earth commodity specialist at the U.S. Geological Survey. He has prepared the U.S. Government’s Rare Earths reviews and written on several other minerals and metals. Mr. Hedrick previously worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Bureau of Mines, where he was an expert on strategic deposits and the environment.

Jack Lifton: Mr. Lifton is the co-founder and Director of Technology Metals Research and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. He has over 50 years of experience in the global automotive, heavy equipment, electrical, mining, smelting, and refining industries, where he is known for his extensive knowledge of platinum group metal products, rare earth compounds, and “minor metals.”

Stephanie Sanok: Ms. Sanok is a Senior Fellow at a highly-regarded bipartisan think tank, where she focuses on defense strategies, foreign affairs, and acquisition issues. With more than a decade of government service, Ms. Sanok has served as director of the House Armed Services Committee’s policy staff, at the State Department, and in the Pentagon.

Jeff Green: Mr. Green was formerly the staff director for the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Readiness. He is the president and founder of J.A. Green & Company and an attorney admitted to practice in Florida, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. His consultancy focuses on strategic materials and industrial bases issues.


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Release Summary

J.A. Green & Company announces the establishment of the Strategic Materials Advisory Council to tackle threats to the U.S. industrial base and critical material supply chain issues.


J.A. Green & Company
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