Matinee Energy Starts Construction of the Solar Power Plants in Benson, Arizona

Matinee Energy at the Ground breaking in Benson, AZ (Photo: Business Wire)

BENSON, Ariz.--()--Ground breaking by Matinee Energy, Inc. at Benson, AZ site took place today for the construction of solar power plants. This site is designed to convert abundant sun-intensity into 120MW of electricity. Powerful global construction conglomerates support Matinee Energy efforts to construct the plants. Participating in the ceremony are existing strategic partners that have already entered into EPC agreements with the Company, in addition to GreenStone System and WEIS GmbH Consortium. The ground-breaking signaled and came after making substantial progress with permitting, sales agreements, interconnection, land acquisition, project financing, and securing substantial solar modules. The Company is expanding beyond solar to achieve higher profitability and market ownership in the industries that are more profitable yet directly complementary to solar (multibusiness).

Chin Kim, the CEO of Matinee Energy, said that “the broad differentiation strategies resulting from our unique and sustainable solutions helped us localize in Arizona while still contributing to global partners.”

Matinee Energy derives much of its strength from existing major construction partners. WEIS brought together powerful partners for necessary elements of construction, solar components, and financing, from Germany.

“It seems Matinee Energy has aggregated more of those solutions under one roof than others, and we are pleased to participate,” Dr. JK Kim, CEO of GreenStone, said of Matinee Energy.

John Kane, managing director of Matinee Energy, said, “Combined total jobs from solar and multibusiness have compelled us to weigh attractive incentive programs from various states.”

About Matinee Energy, Inc.

Matinee Energy has developed solar energy projects and businesses that are diverse and complementary to its core line of businesses. It implements and delivers infrastructure-based services and plan to deliver electricity along with products and services based upon leading technologies. Matinee Energy will continuously develop utility scale alternative energy solutions and intends to make a material contribution to the alternative energy sector. Matinee Energy also plans to partner with diverse sector participants from the U.S. and around the world.

About WEIS GmbH Consortium

WEIS delivers electric power solutions, service, and maintenance up to 400Kv and manages construction of energy power plants. Its focus on electric solutions since 1982 has been in the 'Power Business'. WEIS pioneered more than 20 years ago analogue solutions to measure the micro-ohm profile of a moving contact and time a breaker with both sides of the breaker connected to ground/earth. Since then it has developed robust test equipment with preventative maintenance in mind for power utilities facing ever increasing demands for more reliable low cost energy and on-time maintenance.

About GreenStone System

GreenStone earned its market position by leveraging its parent company’s successes with projects in electrical train (high speed, light), urban railway, the light rail transit, harbor construction, the express way, the plant industries and more. Its combined total of core capabilities has made GreenStone very important participant in the solar power industry.

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Matinee Energy
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Matinee Energy
John Kane, 520-884-1000