Mainframe Migration with Clerity and HP Saves Customers 30%

Cedacri relies on UniKix Mainframe Rehosting technology and Veryant COBOL software in turnkey IT modernization move to open systems

CHICAGO--()--Clerity Solutions, a full-service provider of mainframe migration, modernization, and optimization solutions, today announced the successful completion of a mainframe migration project for Cedacri, a leading international provider of outsourced IT services for banks and financial institutions. The migration to open systems provides Cedacri customers with a minimum ongoing operational cost savings of 30%.

Using Clerity’s UniKix Mainframe Rehosting software, COBOL technology from Veryant, and open systems servers from HP, Cedacri migrated a risk assessment application off an IBM® mainframe, and developed a new IT service to move its customers from mainframes to modern, flexible IT environments.

Cedacri selected Clerity and Veryant technology because

  • they offered the greatest potential cost savings, while preserving existing legacy system integration requirements and end-user access methods.
  • they provided a low-risk way to help customers take advantage of modern IT infrastructures and new computing paradigms such as cloud computing, without sacrificing existing application investments.

“It is crucial that we help customers adopt modern, flexible IT infrastructures and take advantage of virtualization and cloud computing in a secure, convenient manner,” said Fabio De Ferrari, director general of Cedacri. “Mainframe rehosting with Clerity enables us to provide our customers with important value in operational efficiency and a competitive edge without disrupting ongoing operations or quality of service levels.”

Employing Clerity technology and migration services, Cedacri rehosted a mainframe application used by banks to measure customer credit scores, solvency, and debt levels. In order to preserve existing business logic and end-user interfaces, the largely IBM® CICS®, COBOL, Batch, Easytrieve, VSAM, and IBM DB2®-based application was migrated using Clerity’s UniKix Mainframe Rehosting technology running on HP systems. Mainframe COBOL programs were moved to isCOBOL software from Veryant.

Besides protecting existing application investments and minimizing end-user impact, the HP and Clerity solution was a good fit for Cedacri because tight interoperability was maintained with legacy systems post-migration. End users continue accessing the application through a standard 3270 layer or a custom Web-based application, and support for IBM WebSphere® MQ and CICS distributed program link (DPL) functionality was maintained post-migration.

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Release Summary

Clerity and HP completed a mainframe migration for Cedacri with UniKix Mainframe Rehosting software, Veryant COBOL and HP gear. The move provides customers with a minimum ongoing cost savings of 30%.


Clerity Solutions
Wendy Williams, 602-995-6470