Honeywell and AliphaJet Commit to Commercialize Renewable Drop-in Jet Biofuels at a Dinner Hosted by Former President Jimmy Carter

Honeywell to Invest in AliphaJet’s Pilot and Commercial Programs

SAN FRANCISCO--()--At a dinner hosted by President Jimmy Carter with Jack Oswald, CEO of AliphaJet Inc. (, and Tracey Haslam, Americas vice president, Honeywell Process Solutions (NYSE:HON) (, the former President endorsed the collaboration of large and small business to commercialize renewable drop-in biofuels.

“I am optimistic about the future of renewable fuels now that breakthrough technologies available from Honeywell and AliphaJet promise to unlock the use of renewable drop-in fuels,” said President Carter ( “Efforts like these fulfill the energy policies we launched in the 1970s.”

Honeywell will invest engineering services and equipment to accelerate the deployment of AliphaJet’s process. AliphaJet will use Honeywell Controls, Instrumentation and Advanced Solutions, including its Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) and UniSim® process simulators and field instrumentation.

“AliphaJet’s ability to produce drop-in jet fuel on a small and widely distributed basis is the perfect complement to our own in-house technologies,” said Tracey Haslam, Americas vice president, Honeywell Process Solutions.

“We are very happy that Honeywell has joined our team and is investing in the commercialization of this technology,” said Jack Oswald, CEO of AliphaJet. “Honeywell’s vote of confidence aligns AliphaJet’s and Honeywell’s technologies in the lead position in this emerging field.”

AliphaJet has developed and demonstrated a highly cost-effective catalytic method for making jet biofuel from renewable products such as plant and animal triglycerides and/or fatty acids. Unlike other smaller scale technologies, the AliphaJet process removes all of the oxygen from the renewable oils without the need for massive amounts of expensive hydrogen gas or co-location at a traditional oil refinery. The AliphaJet process offers significant CAPEX and OPEX advantages including those obtained by deploying processing plants close to the feedstock sources.

The AliphaJet process can also produce renewable drop-in diesel fuel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon molecules usually derived from fossil fuel oil.

The AliphaJet process can use a variety of renewable oil feedstocks obtained from plants, animal processing or emerging oil production methods such as algae and genetically modified organisms: seeds/vegetables (camelina, pennycress, palm, soy, corn), animal fats (beef, chicken), algae (Sapphire, Solazyme), GMO (Amyris, LS9, Genomatica).

About AliphaJet Inc.

AliphaJet is a collaborative venture between SynGest Inc. ( and Unitel Technologies, Inc. ( The development of the AliphaJet process was led by Dr. Ravi Randhava in collaboration with Dr. Paul Ratnasamy at the University of Louisville.


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Release Summary

AliphaJet, Honeywell and President Jimmy Carter commit to commercially deploy renewable bio jetfuels. Honeywell to invest in AliphaJet's pilot and commercial demonstration project deployments


AliphaJet Inc.
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