LIVESTRONG.COM Dishes on America’s Holiday Feast and Fitness Favorites

Data Collected from Site’s MyPlate Calorie-Tracking Tool Reveals That American’s Thanksgiving Holiday Eating and Activity Traditions Range from Snacking on Clementines to Choosing Sex over Dish Washing

LIVESTRONG.COM Thanksgiving Feast and Fitness Facts (Graphic: Business Wire)

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--More than 75 percent of people choose not to put gravy on their Thanksgiving turkey, and 20 percent more people had sex during the holidays than did the dishes, according to new data released by LIVESTRONG.COM, a Demand Media® (NYSE: DMD) property and a leading fitness, nutrition and health resource for consumers.

LIVESTRONG.COM’s four million members tracked close to two billion calories using the site’s MyPlate tool and Calorie Tracker mobile app during the 2010 holiday season. Member data is telling of what Americans will be eating this calorie-rich season and how they’ll burn off those calories.

“At LIVESTRONG.COM, we know that the holiday season is challenging for people striving to meet their health and fitness goals,” says Adam Bornstein, editorial director, LIVESTRONG.COM. “By sharing our data and offering helpful content, tools and community support this holiday season, we hope to help people stay on track and make informed decisions when hitting the Thanksgiving dinner or the holiday buffet.”

Talking Turkey – what’s really on the holiday table, according to LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate data:

  • While nine out of ten turkey eaters opt for the breast, ham is truly the other white meat. It is three times as likely as dark meat turkey to be gobbled between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Americans are sweet on sweet potatoes: potatoes are the most popular holiday side dish and nearly one in four potato-eaters prefer this bright, vitamin-packed variety.
  • Although pumpkin pie is the most popular type of Thanksgiving pie, representing 70 percent of all pie consumption, another seasonal orange treat steals the show: members ate four times as many clementines than pumpkin pie slices over the holidays.
  • Pumpkin is not only the favorite pie variety during the holidays, it's also the overall most popular seasonal flavor. From flavored coffee drinks to cookies and muffins, pumpkin reigns supreme – more popular than seasonal stalwarts peppermint and gingerbread combined.
  • Members love pie but they know when to hit the breaks on extra calories. Only six percent of pie eaters added whipped cream to their dessert.
  • Turkey trend-setters are ditching the roasting pan – five percent of members tracked smoked, deep-fried and tofurkey varieties during the holidays.

It’s no surprise that LIVESTRONG.COM members’ fitness activity levels drop by 30 percent during the holiday season. Yet they find some surprising ways to work off the calories with a variety of physical activities.

  • Dancing was more popular than sex. Nearly twice as many people headed to the dance floor than the bedroom during the holiday season.
  • Walking was by far the most popular form of exercise during the holidays, whether it was through the mall or around the track. It was more than twice as frequent as the second most popular activity, weightlifting, and 2.25 times more frequent than running.
  • Family football games on the lawn are actually one of the least common forms of exercise Americans participate in on Thanksgiving. Among the more popular exercises of the day: walking, weightlifting, biking – even bowling ranked higher than football!
  • A byproduct of holiday houseguests, cleaning was the sixth most popular activity during the holidays – more common than yoga, jogging and cooking.

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