BASIS Defends BBx Trademark After RIM’s Announcement

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.--()--BASIS International Ltd. has taken swift legal action to preserve and protect their longstanding ownership of the BBx® trademarked operating system independent language, database, and toolset. Research In Motion’s (RIM) press release announcing a new BlackBerry operating system (OS) named “BBX” is causing great confusion for the worldwide BASIS community and could potentially harm BASIS’ reputation for enabling cross-platform application development.

BASIS Chairman and CEO, Nico Spence, said, “We have thousands of product licenses installed worldwide with the ‘BBX’ prefix that run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other proprietary UNIX OSs from IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and SUN, with mobile clients running Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Mobile. We are fielding numerous customer inquiries voicing their confusion about the RIM announcement.”

BASIS’ latest generation of BBx, BBj®, is an OS-agnostic language that runs on numerous OSs, Java platforms, and JavaScript-enabled browsers, and is not limited to just BlackBerry cellphones and tablets powered by RIM’s “BBX.”

Spence adds, “Ironically, BASIS’ BBx may aid RIM in its quest to grab a share of the application market for mobile devices in that any application created with BASIS’ BBx for the Android or iOS mobile devices will also run on BlackBerry products.” BASIS shows off the power and possibilities of the Browser User Interface version of BBx at, including the “iPad BUI Mortgage Amortization” demo. Watch a news report of developer EMQUE Consultants’ customized BBx application for the iPad.


BASIS International Ltd. is a global software company, big and stable enough to be a reliable partner with thousands of companies, yet small and flexible enough to deliver customized solutions to meet today's business challenges. BASIS holds ownership positions in Descore, the Canadian distributor, BASIS Europe, AddonSoftware, and Audev, an European automotive dealership software developer.

BASIS' software developer community is a worldwide network of partners for whom the BASIS “BBx Generations” of products form the foundation for proven and reliable software solutions. Since 1985, BASIS’ mission has been to blaze a trail by producing ambitious and innovative programming languages, database products, development tools, and an application framework for their community to build upon. BASIS is committed to delivering platform independence to the server and client, including browser-based mobile clients.

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Release Summary

BASIS International Ltd. takes legal action to preserve/protect ownership of their BBx® trademarked OS-independent language, database, and toolset in response to RIM's Blackberry BBX announcement