Mobile Display Advertising More Effective Than Online

Dynamic Logic Reveals Increasing Importance of Mobile Creative at Advertising Week’s “Mobile Media Summit” and Offers Insight on Factors that Drive Successful Mobile Campaigns

Figure 1: Mobile Creative Matters More Than Ever (Graphic: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Mobile display advertising broadly outperforms online display advertising, according to a new study revealed by Millward Brown’s Dynamic Logic at Advertising Week’s Mobile Media Summit on Wednesday. The study, which offers important “do’s and don’ts” for effective mobile advertising, warned against the repurposing of online creative for mobile and stressed the importance of creative quality, an attribute that has become more necessary as mobile advertising’s novelty erodes.

“Similar to other new advertising mediums, consumers were overwhelmingly receptive to mobile display advertising in its nascency but now that its novelty is wearing out, creative quality matters more than ever,” said Ali Rana, senior vice president and head of Dynamic Logic’s Emerging Media Lab. “Today, poor creative can even have a negative impact on a brand, compared to the past three years when creative quality did not matter as much within mobile display advertising.”

Dynamic Logic revealed three important factors that drive a successful mobile campaign:

    1.   The location of a brand name or logo within a mobile ad matters: Left-side brand placement is generally most effective and has a strong impact on advertising recall
2. Clear and persistent branding is important for brand awareness
3. A strong call-to-action encourages interactivity and engagement to help drive purchase intent

The three biggest mistakes mobile advertisers make are:

    1.   Repurposing online creative by cropping it for a mobile environment
2. Showing one’s brand only through a product shot
3. Cluttering ads with too much text or too many logos

These best practices mirror those which Dynamic Logic has established for online creative.

“With only a brief window to capture a consumer’s attention, both mobile and online campaigns need to be well-branded and clear to build awareness,” says Rana.

Why is Mobile Advertising so Effective?

The average mobile campaign has a positive impact on the five traditional brand metrics, especially ad awareness, and significantly outpaces online brand metrics.

While mobile advertising effectiveness is still driven by novelty, it also benefits from the larger proportion of the mobile screen devoted to the advertisement compared to online. In addition, the copy and content are typically more focused due to size and technology constraints. Finally, as consumers become more acceptant of mobile ads, the medium offers better targeting than most media.

Mobile works well at communicating messages for high-involvement categories like financial services; however, some of the best campaigns are found in low-involvement categories like CPG, where ads are more effective in moving persuasion metrics such as favorability and purchase intent.

Picking the Right Mobile Creative

Based on their growing body of evidence that supports the power of strong mobile creative, Dynamic Logic is developing a new copy testing system optimized for the mobile display advertising landscape. In beta now and coming to market later this year, this groundbreaking solution allows agencies and advertisers to optimize their mobile creative and get the most out of their mobile media spend.

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