Search Marketers Find Success Generating Inbound Calls from Mobile Search

Performance SEM agency, imwave, Inc., uses RingRevenue's call performance marketing platform to generate a 250% CTR improvement, drive 12% more in commissions and deliver conversion rates over 30%

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What is RingRevenue?

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--()--With Google predicting that 15 percent of all Black Friday searches in the upcoming 2011 holiday season will take place on mobile devices, marketers are eager to find ways to maximize search spending and capture mobile consumers at their peak level of interest. In a case study released today, RingRevenue, the leader in call performance marketing, revealed results that will make search marketers put down their iPhones and pay attention: in a recent test, mobile search ads with phone numbers outperformed mobile search ads without phone numbers by nearly 250 percent. That’s not a typo.

The case study explains how Performance SEM agency imwave, Inc. saw a 250 percent improvement when they compared the click-through rates on ads with phone numbers to the same ads with no phone numbers. In a campaign for a national insurance brand, imwave used a portfolio of keywords to test the difference in performance between several ad-types including Google’s Call Extension and Call-Only formats. Mobile search ads with campaign-specific phone numbers saw average click-through rates higher than three percent, whereas the same mobile search ads with no phone number saw click-through rates below one percent.

“The findings from our mobile search test tell a clear story. Mobile search ads with phone numbers simply perform much better and drive more valuable conversions for advertisers,” said imwave President and Founder Adam Viener. “RingRevenue’s platform allows us to quickly and easily get phone numbers for our call-based search campaigns and see our campaign analytics right away.”

“According to Google, 70% of all mobile searches result in an action within an hour. Combine that with imwave’s results and adding campaign-specific phone numbers to mobile search ads should be a no-brainer for advertisers and publishers,” said RingRevenue CEO Jason Spievak. “Clicking to call is one of the clearest and most intuitive calls to action for mobile consumers. And it’s great for advertisers too because calls have been shown to result in higher conversion rates and average order values than clicks.”

The RingRevenue call performance marketing platform enables advertisers and publishers to easily manage call-based campaigns and provides detailed real-time call analytics on campaign performance and quality filters calls to meet an advertiser’s target criteria. Search marketers can also leverage RingRevenue’s keyword tracking technology, including RingRevenue’s RingPoolsTM feature, to measure ROI on the calls driven by search down to the keyword level. In the past year, more than 25,000 publishers have signed up to use RingRevenue’s platform to drive calls and earn commissions -- many of them search publishers.

“In our business, if you can’t accurately measure and track campaign performance, including calls, your dead in the water,” added Viener. “RingRevenue’s platform gives us all the tools we need to see how many calls we are driving, where they are coming from, what keywords drove the call, and which calls are converting to business for our clients.”

So far this year, imwave has generated more than $250,000.00 in commissions from the call-based campaigns they promote through search and are currently driving in excess of 10,000 calls per month to the advertisers they are partnered with. “It has become a substantial part of our business that we believe will continue to grow,” concluded Viener.

The full case study along with a brief white paper on driving inbound calls with mobile search can be downloaded here.

About RingRevenue, Inc.

RingRevenue® improves every marketing campaign with better quality leads, higher conversions and increased ROI. By tapping the power of the phone, RingRevenue's patent-pending call performance marketing platform captures and converts more high-value customers. RingRevenue's comprehensive tracking and analytics consistently increase revenues from mobile, print and other "offline" media while also improving the performance of online campaigns such as search, email and display. RingRevenue powers many of the leading performance marketing networks and agencies. Watch this video to learn more about RingRevenue. To request a demo, please visit or call 866-943-6426.

About imwave, Inc.

imwave, Inc. is one of the leading performance search marketing agencies in the industry, focusing primarily on building and launching effective pay-per-click search engine keyword marketing campaigns for companies paying commissions on sales and leads generated. As of December of 2010, imwave has served over 4.5 Billion ads and generated over 102 Million leads for their clients. In the past three years, the search engine advertising that imwave invested in on behalf of their clients has generated over $180,000,000.00 in sales for their partners’ companies.

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Performance SEM agency, imwave, Inc., uses RingRevenue's call performance marketing platform to generate a 250% CTR improvement, drive 12% more in commissions and deliver conversion rates over 30%.


RingRevenue, Inc.
Gretchen Nemechek, 1-888-675-2007, ex. 716