Today’s Bordeaux: New Generation of Wine Tasters Select Favorites

Top 45 wines under $45 identified for U.S. wine lovers

BORDEAUX, France--()--A group of energetic and socially-connected American wine tastemakers have selected the Bordeaux Wine Council’s annual list of Today’s Bordeaux, a collection of affordable and accessible wines available to U.S. wine enthusiasts. The 2011 list highlights the top 45 wines priced between $9 and $45. Selected by Le Wine Buffs, the Bordeaux Wine Council’s stable of seven wine experts from around the country, the Today’s Bordeaux list represents the tastes of a new generation of wine evaluators.

“It has been widely reported that for many Americans, Bordeaux can feel out of reach. It’s often perceived as too expensive, only accessible by a select few and has been criticized for being out of touch. The reality is the vast majority of Bordeaux wines are affordably priced with steady prices from vintage to vintage, and we are seeing more and more young Americans gravitate to these value wines,” said Olivier Lebret, Bordeaux Wine Council market manager. “The goal of the Today’s Bordeaux list is to show American wine lovers that there is more to be discovered in Bordeaux than they may know.”

The council looked to a new generation of wine experts to help select this year’s list. As part of a larger program to help Americans find and appreciate Bordeaux wines, “Le Wine Buff” are a group digitally-savvy American wine experts, who take the job of wine tasting seriously even if they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are Mollie Battenhouse (New York), April Bloom (Maryland), Rebecca Chapa (Northern California), Ward Kadel (Northern California), Erin McGrath (Southern California), Rob Moshein (Texas) and Megan Wiig (New York). Together, they tasted more than 150 wines blind over two days. Take a look at their process here: Learn more about the Wine Buffs and their backgrounds by logging on to

The Today’s Bordeaux list includes a selection of dry whites, rosé, reds and sweet whites with prices spanning the range $9 to $45. “There are every day sippers, wines to share at your next dinner party, gift wines and even wines you can feel great about aging,” continued Lebret. “The ‘occasion’ for wine is expanding for the American wine lover, and there are wines on this year’s list for just about every one of them.”

2011 Today’s Bordeaux: 45 under $45
Prices may vary based on location

Dry White Wines

  • 2010 Chateau Ballan-Larquette, Bordeaux, $14.99
  • 2009 Dourthe La Grande Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux $11.99
  • 2010 Chateau de la Grave “Grains Fins”, Bourg & Côtes de Bourg, $22.00
  • 2010 Chateau Haut Terrier, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, $15.00
  • 2010 Chateau Laubès, Bordeaux, $15.99
  • 2010 Chateau Mezain, Bordeaux, $14.50
  • 2010 Chateau La Moulinière, Bordeaux, $10.99
  • 2010 Chateau des Tourtes, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, $14.50
  • 2010 Verdillac, Bordeaux, $9.99

Rosé Wines

  • 2010 Chateau Ballan-Larquette, Bordeaux, $14.99

Red Wines

  • 2009 Chateau Les Ancres, Bordeaux, $13.00
  • 2008 Chateau Béard La Chapelle, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru $38.00
  • 2009 Chateau de Bel, Bordeaux, $21.00
  • 2009 Chateau Les Belles Murailles, Bordeaux, $14.99
  • 2009 Chateau Bellevue, Bordeaux Supérieur, $14.99
  • 2008 Chateau Bonnet, Bordeaux, $14.99
  • 2008 Chateau Boutisse, Saint-Emilion, $32.00
  • 2009 Chateau La Bouyère, Bordeaux, $9.99
  • 2005 Chateau Cantinot, Premières Côtes de Blaye $32.00
  • 2009 Chateau La Chapelle Maillard, Bordeaux, $25.00
  • 2007 Chateau Les Cros, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, $35.00
  • 2008 Chateau La Fleur de Jaugue, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, $32.99
  • 2008 Fleur de Reignac, Bordeaux Supérieur, $29.00
  • 2008 Chateau La Garde, Pessac-Léognan, $39.99
  • 2006 Chateau Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, $37.99
  • 2005 La Révélation des Vignobles Denis Lafon, Premières Côtes de Blaye, $33.00
  • 2008 La Victoire, Blaye, $19
  • 2007 Chateau Lagnet, Bordeaux, $13
  • 2008 Chateau Laplagnotte-Bellevue, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, $32.99
  • 2005 Chateau Larose Trintaudon, Haut-Médoc, $20
  • 2009 Le Bec en Sabot, Pessac-Léognan, $18.99
  • 2009 Chateau Mazeau, Bordeaux, $24.00
  • 2009 Chateau Mezain, Bordeaux, $14.50
  • 2008 Moulin de Duhart, Pauillac $42.00
  • 2009 Mouton Cadet, Bordeaux, $10.00
  • 2007 Chateau de Parenchère Raphael, Bordeaux Supérieur $24.00
  • 2009 Chateau Peynaud, Bordeaux Supérieur, $18.00
  • 2008 Chateau Plain-Point, Fronsac, $14.00
  • 2010 Chateau Roc de Levraut, Bordeaux Supérieur, $9.99
  • 2008 Chateau Saincrit “Reserve Vieilles Vignes”, Bordeaux Supérieur, $21.99
  • 2008 Chateau de Seguin “Cuvée Carl”, Bordeaux Supérieur $24.00
  • 2008 Chateau La Tour de Bessan, Margaux, $39.00
  • 2009 Chateau La Verrière, Bordeaux Supérieur, $12.99
  • 2008 Chateau Vieux St. André, Montagne Saint Emilion, $35.00

Sweet White Wines

  • 2007 Castelnau de Suduiraut, Sauternes, $25.99 (375ml)

About the Bordeaux Wine Council

The Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB) represents more than 8,000 Bordeaux producers and 300 négociants. The association has three missions: marketing, economic and technical. Through various communication campaigns, the CIVB promotes the interests of its members on a national and international scale. With its Economic Research Service, the CIVB improves the knowledge of its membership about markets’ trends, from production to distribution. Finally, its technical mission addresses all quality-related issues, anticipates new environmental and food safety stipulations, and conserves and protects viticultural heritage assets.


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Seven energetic and socially-connected American wine tastemakers have selected the Bordeaux Wine Council’s annual list of Today’s Bordeaux, affordable wines available to U.S. wine lovers.


Benson Marketing Group, LLC
Sarah Jones, 707-254-1114
Bordeaux Wine Council
Marie Estève, +33 (0) 556 00 43 42