MOBOTIX Unveils Upgrades to Security Control Center Software

NEW YORK--()--MOBOTIX, the world's largest manufacturer of megapixel network video surveillance systems, today unveiled a major update to MxControlCenter, its network video management platform.

Focusing on operator usability, MxControlCenter 2.5 introduces a host of new features, including; saved search profiles to make user defined common search queries a single-click operation, unlimited users and groups rights management control with full action audit log, and video motion search on recorded footage to identify critical events quickly.

Playback is improved, putting common functions in user friendly locations. MxControlCenter 2.5 also improves initial system setup, allowing recording paths for multiple cameras to be configured in a single operation.

"Other vendors charge tens of thousands of dollars for their video management platforms,” said Steve Gorski, General Manager, Americas, MOBOTIX. “We provide this software to our customers with no per-server or per-camera licenses and no installation fees with unlimited instances, plus phone and e-mail support for the life of the system.”

“ControlCenter allows users to easily manage and monitor their cameras and footage on-the-fly. This new release cements ControlCenter's position as a market leader and strengthens the overall MOBOTIX offering," Gorski said.

These new features build on MxControlCenter's already strong capabilities including: alarm notification and management, system and software configuration management and backup, automatic camera discovery and setup using built-in Bonjour services, and flexible grid and background layouts.

MxControlCenter 2.5 integrates features for managing video walls using readily available thin client PCs & LCD screens, making command center setups simple and cost efficient.

The new software has an improved export function with additional container formats. Live recording of camera streams - even different cameras - as one clip on the local archive, means that someone tracking suspicious persons in an MxCC layout across several cameras can track that group or individual and record it as one clip.

"The new MxControlCenter update from MOBOTIX has made my day-to-day use of the system much easier. I've always loved this software, and the new features make it an even more powerful tool for managing our security system," said Adam Lewis, Operations Manager, Canada Bay Club.

MxControlCenter at a glance

  • No licenses, no installation fees, unlimited instances
  • Automatic discovery and setup of cameras
  • Alarm handling and management
  • Unlimited grid and map/background layouts
  • Camera status display
  • Software and firmware management
  • Future proof - free upgrades for life
  • IP messaging and remote control of system
  • Footage playback, search, and export
  • Time synchronized playback of unlimited cameras
  • Visual camera configuration
  • Environment export, backup, and retrieval
  • Virtual PTZ and image improvement, and hemispheric image correction
  • Customizable user interface
  • Integration of third-party cameras

2.5 Update at a glance:

  • Users & groups rights management
  • Full actions audit logging, including user notes
  • Predefined search profiles for common functions (e.g., all movement on entrance cameras last hour)
  • Video motion search on recorded footage (post-vm)
  • Expanded API options and features
  • "Four-eyes" support - supervisor confirmation on sensitive tasks such as video export
  • Manage storage configuration with camera groups
  • Local archive recording
  • Improved usability


Rhianna Daniels
O: 847-986-6141
M: 603-591-7209

Release Summary

MOBOTIX unveils major update to MxControlCenter, its network video management platform.


Rhianna Daniels
O: 847-986-6141
M: 603-591-7209