SocialCode Unveils Facebook Advertising Research: Younger Facebook Users Have a Higher Propensity to Click ‘Like’ and Women Are More Likely to Click on Facebook Ads

Propensity to Click-Through is Positively Correlated with Age, Propensity to ‘Like’ is Not

WASHINGTON--()--SocialCode, a full-service Facebook agency working with top global brands and agencies to translate their marketing goals on to Facebook, today announced results from a new Facebook advertising research study. The research examined over four million data points across over 50 clients from a wide variety of industries to get a better understanding of how age and gender affect click-through rates (CTR) and ‘Like’ rates on Facebook. Results show that for ads with a ‘Like’ button, older Facebook users have a higher CTR while younger Facebook users will tend to click ‘Like’ directly within the Facebook ad.

“In general, younger Facebook users are more comfortable using the ‘Like’ button than older users at this point,” said Laura O'Shaughnessy, CEO, SocialCode. “With inline fan ads on Facebook, older users have a high level of interaction and curiosity about the ads as evidenced by their high CTRs, whereas younger users have a higher propensity to click the ‘Like’ button right in an ad on Facebook. We assume that while older users are adopting Facebook at a high rate, they are also the newest subset to join the social network, meaning they may not have high friend numbers so ads are less likely to have social context in advertisements.”


The SocialCode study found that while age has a strong positive effect on whether a user will click; it oftentimes has the opposite effect on the likelihood of the user becoming a fan of a page.

  • 50+ year-old users, the oldest segment in the study, are 28.2 percent more likely to click through and 9 percent less likely to ‘Like’ than 18-29 year-old users, the youngest group observed
  • Versus the rest of the younger population on Facebook, 50+ users see a 22.6 percent higher CTR and 8.4 percent lower ‘Like’ rate


When broken down by gender, age has a much more pronounced effect on CTR for women than it does for men, whereas for men there is a stronger effect on ‘Like’ rate than women.

  • Overall, women are 11 percent more likely to click on an ad
  • ‘Like’ rates are almost even for men and women; men are actually 2.2 percent more likely to ‘Like’ an ad than women
  • For women, CTR is 31.2 percent higher for the 50+ age group versus 18-29 year olds, men only see a 16.2 percent difference between the age groups
  • Versus all age groups, 50+ women’s CTR is 22 percent higher versus a 16.4 percent difference for males
  • The oldest male segment has an 11.7 percent lower ‘Like’ rate than the youngest segment, and 9.5 percent lower ‘Like’ rate versus all age groups. Women only see a 7.2 percent and 7.9 percent difference respectively

The age and gender research study conducted by SocialCode examined over four million data points for ads containing a ‘Like’ button across over 50 clients in different verticals for the past ten months. While performance varies greatly based on multiple variables, this study looks at the aggregate trends for gender and age seen in the marketplace.

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SocialCode is a full-service Facebook agency specializing in performance marketing. SocialCode’s unique tools are built on a research engine that offers analytics and information for advertisers that far surpasses what they could get anywhere else. With advanced quantitative methods, SocialCode specializes in building targeted communities, engaging those audiences and monetizing potential customers all while conducting research to inform strategy.


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Release Summary

SocialCode, a full service Facebook ad agency, unveiled research that provides a better understanding of how age and gender affect click-through rates (CTR) and ‘Like’ rates on Facebook.


for SocialCode
Denise Welch, 781-849-2022