Myricom Introduces DBL for Windows – Provides First Accelerated UDP and TCP Solution for Microsoft Windows High Frequency Trading Environments

Windows users can now take advantage of ease of programming and rapid deployment of HFT applications, while achieving low latency performance previously achievable only on Linux

ARCADIA, Calif.--()--Myricom, Inc., the technology leader in extreme-performance 10-Gigabit Ethernet solutions specialized for vertical markets, today announces DBL™ 2.0 for Windows™ software for its Myri-10G 10-Gigabit Ethernet network adapters. DBL for Windows is the first commercially available solution that accelerates UDP and TCP communication for Windows servers in high frequency trading. DBL for Windows enables low-latency UDP multicast and TCP order execution, all over industry-standard 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

Benefits include:

Low-latency communication for TCP and UDP. DBL 2.0 for Windows has benchmarked application-to-application UDP latency under 3.5 us and TCP latency under 5us.

Transparent acceleration. DBL 2.0 for Windows delivers extreme performance while accelerating existing Windows sockets applications without modification.

Performance is not sacrificed. Software developers in high frequency trading often choose Windows as a development platform due to the ease of programming and rapid deployment for HFT applications. DBL 2.0 for Windows allows end-users to take advantage of powerful development environments but not sacrifice networking performance in production.

Enterprise support

“Windows™ and mixed Windows/Linux environments have become a key emerging trend in the high frequency trading market,” said Nan Boden, Myricom, CEO. “Over the years, Myricom has developed deep and broad expertise in high performance architectures for delivering low latency and bandwidth. We are pleased to offer the first Windows solution for accelerated UDP and TCP in high frequency trading.”

"Much of the HPC (High Performance Computing) technology currently being used by financial traders has been built for scientific computing applications running on Linux,” said Alexander Jeffries, managing director of Stordis – The High Performance Distributor. “Typically networking solutions are tuned for Linux environments and will not deliver anything like the same performance with Windows applications. Myricom is currently the only vendor in the low-latency 10GbE space with such a strong focus on Windows, and this focus translates into unbeatable performance. Any latency sensitive Windows application needs DBL 2.0, otherwise the rest of your network tuning is a waste of time."

DBL 2.0 for Windows is available now. For more information about DBL and other Myricom extreme-performance Ethernet products, please contact

About Myricom: Founded in 1994 as a Caltech spin-off, Myricom is the technology leader in extreme-performance 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) solutions specialized for vertical markets. Myricom first pioneered High Performance Computing (HPC) interconnect technology that helped fuel the growth of cluster computing. Now, with its fourth generation of networking products, Myri-10G, Myricom has achieved convergence between mainstream 10-Gigabit Ethernet and HPC technology, 10-Gigabit Ethernet with a supercomputing heritage. The majority of Myricom’s sales today are for 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications with demanding latency or throughput requirements. Myri-10G delivers wire-speed UDP and TCP throughput, with optional firmware-accelerated offloads for financial trading, packet capture, video streaming and IPTV, HPC, and for other performance-sensitive vertical markets.

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For Myricom, Inc.
Tony Fisch, 323-461-7878 or 323-228-4543

Release Summary

First Windows Server High Performance Trading Acceleration software for HFT environments launched by Myricom


For Myricom, Inc.
Tony Fisch, 323-461-7878 or 323-228-4543