mediba Inc., to Expand Its Internet Advertising Business for Smartphones with the Acquisition of Shares in Nobot Inc.

TOKYO--()--mediba Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Takeshi Oasa; hereafter, mediba), has announced that it will acquire the ordinary shares of Internet advertising distribution company, Nobot Inc. (headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kiyotaka Kobayashi; hereafter, Nobot), and will make Nobot into a consolidated subsidiary.

As a result of this capital tie-up,

  1. the two companies will realize an ad network with the second largest stock of advertising in Japan,
  2. the two companies will develop an ad platform that achieves optimal ad distribution for smartphones, and
  3. the two companies will promote the expansion of that ad platform through links with ad-exchanges that include the Asia region.
  1. Both companies are currently developing services aimed at smartphone ad networks (for mediba, it is "medibaAD," and for Nobot, it is "AdMaker"). This capital tie-up will result in fusing both companies' services to expand the volume of handled ads, and will realize an ad network for smartphones with the second (see note 1) largest stock of advertising in Japan, at 3 billion impressions per month. Furthermore, by bringing together the management resources of both companies, the combined service aims to reach advertising stock of 15 billion impressions per month within one year (see note 2).
  2. Combining Nobot's working understanding of exchanges with mediba's targeting features will create an ad platform that is optimized for smartphones. It is predicted that smartphones, as they proliferate as personalized communication tools, will offer users a greater diversity of usage formats. A new ad platform will implement targeting features that take advantage of the user's action data, and will realize optimal advertising distribution that better matches the user, expanding ad networks through ad exchanges that include networks from Japan to overseas. In addition, the development of targeting methods is occurring jointly with KDDI Labs, and online releases of the various features are expected to happen within the year. Moving forward, the use of this distribution platform, medibaAD Platform, will result in the realization of optimal ad matching for smartphones, and will offer a new business base for advertisers, media companies and ad network companies.
  3. Currently, advances are being made to connect ad network companies with ad exchanges in Japan (see note 3), but we are promoting alliances with overseas ad network companies, particularly those in the countries and regions of Asia, where smartphone use is expected to grow. We are strengthening our strategy for partnerships both within Japan and abroad. As a result we will have an ad platform with the largest ad network in Asia.
    We are also planning to establish a base of operations in Singapore within the year, followed by a plan to commence expansion in other countries and regions, starting with Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

mediba and Nobot will contribute to the healthy development of the smartphone business market, improving the convenience of services for advertisers and the effectiveness of advertising, maximizing the profitability and value for media companies, and securing the opportunities for profit for allied ad network companies.

For a detailed overview of the shares acquisition, see the separate document provided.





The Creation of a Subsidiary as a Result of Shares Acquisition

mediba will acquire 122,339 of Nobot's ordinary shares (for a 90.0% voting rights ratio) from existing Nobot shareholders, and convert Nobot into a consolidated subsidiary.



Overview of Nobot Inc. (as of June, 2011)
Company Name Nobot Inc.
Representative CEO Kiyotaka Kobayashi
Location Ota-ku, Tokyo
Date of Establishment 4/1/2009
Number of Employees 11
Principal Shareholders Kiyotaka Kobayashi
Jafco Super V3 Joint Investments LLC
ngi Venture Community Fund 2nd Investments LLC, et al.
Business Advertising Distribution for Smartphones
Capitalization JPY 90.375 million



7/27/2011 Shares Transfer Agreement Signed
End of August, 2011 Planned Acquisition of Shares


Future Management Structure, etc.
Going forward, Kiyotaka Kobayashi will continue to serve as CEO of Nobot, and focus on the expansion of its business.
Note 1: As determined by mediba based on materials released by all companies.
Note 2: The number of times ads are listed.
Note 3: Ad exchange
The technology to link together multiple ad network services.

mediba Inc.

With an advertising business that focuses primarily on KDDI's portal site, au one, research, media production, and the development of new businesses, we also provide services that connect businesses with users, where our support for smartphones is always current, given the ever-evolving mobile industry.


Direct inquiries about this release to:
Public Relations Contact
Nobot Inc.,
George Goda, +81-3-5724-3743

Release Summary

mediba Inc. has announced that it will acquire the ordinary shares of Internet advertising distribution company, Nobot Inc. and will make Nobot into a consolidated subsidiary.


Direct inquiries about this release to:
Public Relations Contact
Nobot Inc.,
George Goda, +81-3-5724-3743