Respira Therapeutics Announces Results of Proof-of-Concept Study in Humans

Data shows clinical superiority of Respira’s unique approach to inhaled therapeutics for COPD and asthma sufferers

SANTA FE, N.M. & AUSTIN, Texas--()--Respira Therapeutics, a product development company focused on inhaled therapeutics to improve patients’ lives, today announced the results of a clinical feasibility study of the Company’s drug engine technology (DET). The results of the study highlight significant advantages of Respira’s dry powder inhaler (DPI) innovations for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

A seminal advancement over current state-of-the-art DPI, the Company’s patented DPI drug engine delivers inhaled medications to the diseased lung at three to four times the rate of existing inhalers without the prerequisite formulations or lactose drug carriers.

Clinical Feasibility

The primary objective of the crossover study was the safety and proof-of-concept of Respira Therapeutics’ novel mechanism of action, as evidenced by drug concentration levels in blood post-inhalation. Subjects inhaled the study medication via Respira’s DET or a DPI standard on days 1 or 8, respectively, and peak drug levels were measured from blood samples 1 hr post-inhalation. Inhalation via Respira’s DET resulted in ca. 1.5 to 2-fold greater drug levels than those measured after pulmonary delivery from the HandiHaler DPI. No adverse events were reported in the study.

Dr. Jacques Pappo, Respira’s President of Discovery and Clinical Development, said, “We have encouraging data of our unique approach to inhaled therapeutics for respiratory disease. Pure drug hybridized to Respira’s DET, in the absence of added excipients or formulations, showed highly efficient delivery to the lungs. We are very pleased to have demonstrated Respira’s enabling capability for the transplant rejection market and to have successfully achieved the primary endpoint of our collaboration.”

Dr. Robert S. Langer, Respira Therapeutics’ Scientific Advisory Board member and renowned Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commented, Respira Therapeutics has achieved an important milestone with its promising data in humans.”

The results from the proof-of-concept study in humans were achieved fully six months ahead of schedule.

Multiple Market Applications for Respira Therapeutics Technology

Respira’s widely applicable technology allows the company to pursue multiple opportunities in multi-billion dollar markets. The global respiratory product market represents a $52 billion opportunity, with a compounded annual growth rate of 9.3%.1

The Company’s formulation-free approach has proved enabling for a particle engineered drug for the transplant rejection market. Of the total transplant market valued at $4.8 billion in 2006, immunosuppressive drug regimens used in the management of lung transplantation totaled $200 million (4%). This market is expected to increase to $252 million by 2012.2

Respira is actively seeking collaborations to commercialize the technology with companies committed to the respiratory and inflammation therapeutic areas.

About Respira Therapeutics

Respira Therapeutics is an early-stage product development company focused on pulmonary delivery of therapeutics for respiratory diseases with unmet medical needs. The company realized seed capitalization from the Cottonwood Technology Fund on October 2010 for scientific development and commercialization of its seminal intellectual property on DPI. Proof-of-principle has been achieved and two early partnerships have been established: leading investment company Emergent Technologies, Inc. and Enavail, LLC, enabling access to its dry powder drug portfolio for deployment to respiratory disease markets.

Respira Therapeutics’ DPIs have the potential for best-in-class, and are uniquely positioned to replace currently marketed devices and to broaden inhaled therapies to drug classes/disease indications in high value therapeutic areas by virtue of superior performance and payload outcomes. The company has conceived a clear regulatory trajectory, engaging de-risked projects following a 505(b)(2) fast-tracking path, and a multi-tiered product strategy. Respira Therapeutics is actively seeking collaborations. For more information, visit


1 Innovations and Pipelines for Respiratory Disorders: Niche markets, new products and future developments, Business Insights Report, 2008

2 Anscomb, A. Kalorama Information Market Intelligence Reports: Organ Transplant Immunosuppressive Markets, Pub No. KLI1399527, January 2008, pp 151. (


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Release Summary

Respira Therapeutics Announces Results of Proof-of-Concept Study in Humans for Company’s Innovative Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) that highlight significant advantages for the treatment of asthma and COPD.


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