HydroPoint Data Systems Announces Release of WeatherTRAK.net 7.0 Central Internet Management Application with Expanded Real-Time Visibility and Remote Control

PETALUMA, California--()--HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc., the proven leader in Smart Water Management Solutions, today announced a major upgrade to their popular WeatherTRAK.net Central Internet Management application that provides On-Demand remote control access and real-time visibility of WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers.

Increasing productivity and portfolio-wide visibility for landscape professionals and property managers, the new WeatherTRAK.net Central Internet Management application now provides at no additional cost; Automated Site Monitoring, Real-time Remote Troubleshooting & Diagnostics, Intelligent Site Reports and Centralized Account and Site Management. These time saving features are now supported by a dramatically enhanced User Interface designed to save users time and money while helping them realize WeatherTRAK’s proven water savings.

“With the new release of the WeatherTRAK.net 7.0 Central Internet Management application, H20 Designs now has a variety of reports that provides greater remote visibility of all our customers’ sites and controllers that we didn’t have before,” stated Mr. Jeff Welch, vice president, business development, H20 Designs, LLC. “We have worked with other manufacturers’ Internet Management applications; they don’t even come close to what HydroPoint’s Central Internet Management application offers. This release increases our team’s productivity and enables us to provide greater service to our customers.”

WeatherTRAK.net 7.0’s Central Internet Management application delivers time saving features that address customers’ most critical pain points:


Know what’s happening at your sites even when you’re not there. Manage and track all changes and settings made to your controllers.

  • Controller Change History: Manage changes made to your controllers with WeatherTRAK.net Controller Change History. This feature tracks all changes made to a controller’s settings including the value before the change, if the change was made at the controller or online, who made the change from WeatherTRAK.net, and when the change occurred.
  • Event Tracking: Know what is happening at the site even when you’re not there with WeatherTRAK.net Event Tracking. This feature provides detailed reporting on what occurred on the site and when, including when a controller was turned off and back on, when a rain switch was activated and deactivated, and when manual irrigation occurred and for how long.


Don’t waste time or money guessing about site issues. Use WeatherTRAK.net Central’s Real-time Controller Status and On-Demand Controller Operating Status to gain real-time insight into what’s going on at your sites.

  • Real-time Controller Operating Visibility: Allows you to know if the controller is manually irrigating, paused, off, shutdown or offline. In addition, you can see detailed operating status of which stations are running and current flow rate through a connected flow sensor.


See the information you need to manage your site. This rich library of alert, flow and controller operation reports provides the information you need with a graphical chart that makes the information easy to understand. Reports include:

  • Controller Setting Change Reports: Provides a detailed list of a controller's current settings, and change history. The user can optionally create a report of the controller's settings for a selected date.
  • Controller Runtime Reports: Provides daily station specific runtimes and ET for troubleshooting, monitoring and historical trending.
  • Water Usage Reports: Provides daily water usage and ET for troubleshooting, monitoring water budgets and historical trending of actual water usage.
  • Alert Reports: Provides the ability to track, troubleshoot and verify site issues and events such as valve or flow alerts.


Stay on top of your controllers with one simple alert and operations summary interface. Users can quickly and easily navigate to the information they are looking for with one-click.

  • Alerts and Operations Dashboard: Learn what all your sites are doing with one simple central alert and operations summary interface.
  • Quick Search and Filter Tools: Easily search for controllers and filter what you see to quickly find the information you need.
  • One-Click Reporting: Put what you see on a page in the format you need with one click. Export the data into either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel.

“Real-time response and intuitive features create a faster, more interactive WeatherTRAK Central Internet Management platform,” said Peter Carlson, vice president, technology and product management, HydroPoint. “The WeatherTRAK Central operations dashboards and report summaries along with the ability to conveniently manage site-specific details remotely from the internet create a new standard for commercial landscape and water management.”

Proven Technology

Proven in 23 independent agency studies, HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions provide corporate real estate managers, sustainability officers, maintenance and facilities directors as well as irrigation and landscape contractors with 24/7 visibility to irrigation schedules and water use via central internet management. Daily evapotranspiration (ET) data is transmitted to the WeatherTRAK controllers, updating the automated watering schedules as local weather conditions change. Plants receive precise amounts of water only when they need it. The WeatherTRAK technology eliminates over-watering as well as costly water run-off, hardscape repairs and liabilities.

About HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.

HydroPoint, founded in 2002, is the market and technology leader in Smart Water Management. The company's WeatherTRAK solution uniquely delivers a multitude of financial and environmental benefits by revolutionizing management of the area of greatest waste in urban water use: landscape irrigation. Proven in 23 independent studies, including the vanguard pollution runoff study led by the EPA, the WeatherTRAK solution saves water, reduces energy demand and protects water quality while it minimizes liability and expense exposure. In 2011, subscribers including The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO), Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Regency Centers (NYSE: REG) and numerous public institutions will save 17 billion gallons of water, 68 million kilowatt hours and 91 million pounds of CO2. Facing water rates ranging from $2 to $6 per 1,000 gallons and related expenses due to overwatering damages ranging from $500 to $10,000 per site, companies across the U.S. have identified WeatherTRAK as the green initiative with the fastest payback. Headquartered in Petaluma, Calif., HydroPoint is privately owned and operated. For more information, visit www.hydropoint.com.

WeatherTRAK is a registered trademark of HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.


HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.
Sharon Thompson, 707-338-4844
Vice President, Marketing

Release Summary

HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. announces a major upgrade to their popular WeatherTRAK.net Central Internet Management application to provide On-Demand remote control access and real-time visibility.


HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.
Sharon Thompson, 707-338-4844
Vice President, Marketing