PrismTech Announces a ‘No Run-Time License Fee’ Business Model for OpenSplice DDS

LGPL license model extended to cover both development and deployment with support packages introduced for core Open Source offerings

BOSTON--()--PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, has announced today a compelling new business model to coincide with the availability of OpenSplice™ DDS v5.6.

In addition, PrismTech is bringing first to market a full and open source implementation of the OMG™ DDSI interoperability specification that helps customers realize true vendor independence.

As of today, PrismTech embraces a full open source model for OpenSplice DDS to include LGPL licensing for both its Community and Commercial Editions.

This has two major impacts for the OpenSplice DDS community and PrismTech’s customers:

  • PrismTech’s customers are now able to deploy without runtime license fees on all supported platforms,
  • PrismTech now offers full development and deployment support packages to all users in the growing open source OpenSplice DDS community.

It is now the two-year anniversary of PrismTech’s visionary decision to take OpenSplice DDS open source. In this time, OpenSplice DDS has become the clear global leader in DDS with more than 20,000 developers now using the product.

OpenSplice DDS features the best scalability and real-time determinism among all DDS implementations and messaging technologies. It is deployed in the most challenging business and mission critical systems in Defense, Aerospace, Transportation, Manufacturing and Utilities.

“OpenSplice DDS is now clearly the Number 1 implementation of DDS. We know that current and prospective DDS consumers are concerned about deployment licensing costs. We have listened to those concerns and have acted. As of today PrismTech’s customers can enjoy our market leading open source product combined with our top-rated commercial support. Our customers have demanded no-cost deployment licensing and we have delivered,” said Andrew Lloyd PrismTech SVP for Middleware Products.

“Our customers trust our model and know precisely what they can get for free as Open Source in the community. Paid-for support packages combined with valuable development, deployment and testing tools, and connectivity add-ons are available commercially from us to enhance their experience with DDS.”

Further information about PrismTech’s new OpenSplice DDS licensing and support model can be found at PrismTech have also set up a licensing and support email address for specific questions or clarifications you may wish to discuss at:

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About PrismTech

PrismTech is a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware. PrismTech’s products enable our OEM, Systems Integrator, and End User customers to build and optimize high-performance systems primarily for Mil/Aero, Communications, Industrial, and Financial Markets. For additional information about PrismTech, visit the web site at

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Gregg Shenton

Release Summary

PrismTech, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, has announced today a compelling new business model to coincide with the availability of OpenSplice DDS v5.6.


Gregg Shenton