Kove XPD2 Storage Device Sets Four World Storage Records

  • Lowest Latency: 6 µs read /8 µs write
  • Highest IOPS: 11.7 million
  • Highest Bandwidth: 28.5 GB/sec,
  • The first 2 terabyte memory disk in a 4U chassis

New Results to Be Released in New York City at The STAC Performance Summit, Just Prior to The 2011 SIFMA Technology Conference

2011 STAC Performance Summit
2011 SIFMA Technology Conference

NEW YORK--()--Kove, a leading high performance storage vendor, has announced four (4) World Storage firsts:

1) The world’s lowest round trip latency of 6 microseconds for read and 8 microseconds for writes

2) The world’s highest IOPS of 11.7 Million in 4U in a single addressable space

3) The world’s highest bandwidth of 28.5 Gigabytes/second in 4U in a single addressable space

4) The market’s highest density, 2 Terabyte Memory Disk, Xpress Disk Gen 2 (XPD2)

By using industry standard DRAM, the Kove XPD2s outperform all other solutions, including Flash memory and spinning disks. The equipment used during the testing process was provided by R Systems.

The Kove XPD2 is the world’s fastest and highest density memory storage device that provides up to 2 Terabytes of single or multiple file system storage in a standard 4U chassis. This record-setting performance allows organizations to drastically improve I/O load processing and remove storage bottlenecks, while reducing the cost of data center space and power consumption on a performance basis. In addition to cost savings, the “Green” XPD2 provides continuous, predictable, sustained I/O for any duration of time. Unlike Flash-based storage, XPD2 maintains consistent performance at any capacity level, even 100% — and it does not degrade over time.

Kove’s technology has many high performance applications, including for the Financial Services industry, which has demonstrable need for industry-leading I/O performance. This is particularly true for time-sensitive pre-trade risk assessment, which can now be done in near real time. The XPD2 offers true "plug-and-play" speed-up for all existing databases and eliminates I/O bottlenecks for the low-latency trading sector. The XPD2 is mesh connectable, so that sharing data that exceeds any single unit’s capacity is easily accommodated without performance compromise.

“The next generation Kove Xpress Memory Disk is a continuation of our leadership in high performance storage for those customers who need the absolute fastest storage system available,” states John Overton, Kove CEO. “The XPD2 connects directly to storage fabrics via standard Fibre Channel and InfiniBand interconnects, while increasing performance density way beyond any other similar storage alternatives.”

Industry partners attending the SIFMA Financial Services Technology Leaders Forum and Expo are also impressed with the XPD2 performance. "Mellanox is pleased to provide Kove with industry-best 40 Gigabytes/second InfiniBand storage connectivity, enabling the highest storage performance for the XPD2," said Gilad Shainer, Senior Director HPC and Technical Computing at Mellanox Technologies. "Utilizing the advantages of Mellanox InfiniBand, Kove has achieved remarkable performance records, helping eliminate storage bottlenecks across a wide variety of applications in both the Financial and High Performance Computing markets."

About Kove

Formed in 2004, Kove (www.kove.com) is a pioneering leader in high performance storage. Kove provides patented, core technology components to solve the most challenging storage and data management needs.

About Mellanox

Mellanox Technologies (www.mellanox.com) was founded in 1999 and is a leading supplier of end-to-end connectivity solutions for servers and storage that optimize data center performance.

About R Systems

Founded in 2005, R Systems (www.rsystemsinc.com) provides technical expertise and optimized HPC cluster resources to the commercial and academic research communities.

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Jim Hetherington, 312-850-3308 x1546

Release Summary

Kove sets four world records in storage for the lowest latency, highest IOPS, highest bandwidth, and the first 2 terabyte memory disk in a 4U chassis. Results released at the STAC Performance Summit.


Jim Hetherington, 312-850-3308 x1546