Alan W. Portela Named CEO of AirStrip Technologies, Inc.

Veteran healthcare executive and IT strategist tapped to lead remote patient monitoring innovator

SAN ANTONIO--()--Alan W. Portela has been named CEO of AirStrip Technologies, Inc., company officials announced today.

Portela previously joined the AirStrip Board of Directors on Jan. 1 of this year and also served as a senior company advisor.

“AirStrip’s mobile solutions support rapid compliance with meaningful use requirements and help healthcare organizations benefit from Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement programs connected to the management of chronic diseases,” AirStrip Technologies President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Cameron Powell said. “As we expand availability of our solutions to include patient monitoring in virtually any acute care environment, Alan has the clear-eyed vision necessary to keep AirStrip at the leading edge of healthcare mobility.”

Portela replaces Gene Powell, a company founder who will remain actively involved in AirStrip operations as both a senior advisor and Chair of the Board of Directors.

A noted author and speaker on technology in healthcare, Portela developed successful electronic health records (EHR) adoption strategies for the Military Health System and much of the Veterans Health Administration. He also played a key role in developing the ‘Best of Suite’ approach that uses clinical systems deployment to automate functional gaps.

Portela’s expertise dovetails with AirStrip’s commitment to meaningful mobility – using native mobile technology to improve clinical decision-making at the point of care through data transformation and the secure, real time, ubiquitous delivery of visually compelling intelligence by incorporating evidence-based medicine and knowledge-based prompts.

Meaningful mobile computing optimizes patient throughput and access to care, transcends geographic barriers, expedites provider workflow logistics, and guides better choices by patients and providers.

“AirStrip is forming agreements with a growing number of industry-leading partners, which illustrates the marketplace demand that AirStrip is meeting,” Portela noted. “Upon close inspection you can see how AirStrip helps organizations achieve challenging strategic objectives, such as meaningful use, EHR adoption, maximizing reimbursement, and improving quality of care.”

Portela understands how to leverage clinical systems deployment to automate functional gaps. Specifically, he can ensure that AirStrip mobile solutions play a key role in advancing the capabilities of hospitals and providers in four key areas:

1)   Achieving rapid compliance with all stages of meaningful use by supporting physicians and hospitals to achieve clinical decision support goals. In particular, AirStrip aids in:

• Mobilizing and transforming access and sharing of data that is traditionally inaccessible in the EMR, which is a prerequisite to Stage 1

• Making data available in meaningful ways for users, especially physicians, as part of Stages 1 and 2

• Incorporating concepts of evidence-based medicine into the offering in Stages 2 and 3

• Providing views of data and rules that promote proactive, rather than reactive interventions to accompany Stage 3

2) Facilitating real-time, cost-effective Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) for selected patient populations, which is a critical measure of success for Accountable Care Organizations.
3) Maximizing reimbursement and reducing costs under evolving Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) policies. As the federal government looks to reduce healthcare costs for chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis, AirStrip uniquely digitizes and presents data to allow for the optimum management of individual patients and patient populations.
4) Allowing for both provider-focused information delivery and consumer-driven interfaces that will support the developing mHealth infrastructure in the US and globally.

“We are seeing great interest in AirStrip’s groundbreaking solutions at a global level. We will work to capitalize on that attention going forward,” Portela added.

Portela previously served as the CEO and Founder of Hybrid Clinical Transformation LLC, specializing in EHR adoption strategies. He also served as President and Chief Strategist at CliniComp, Intl.

Software solutions from AirStrip Technologies provide the unprecedented ability to securely send critical patient information directly from hospital monitoring systems, bedside devices, and EHRs to a clinician’s smartphone or tablet. AirStrip applications are powered over wireless networks, delivering virtual real-time and historic, interactive waveform and relevant clinical data.

About AirStrip Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, AirStrip Technologies is a pioneer in mobile medical software applications designed to work across any platform to improve patient safety and reduce risk in the healthcare setting. AirStrip Technologies engages, consults and employs leading technology and medical experts to ensure their products are the best in the industry. The core technology team is committed to bringing best-of-breed products to the market that enhance the ability of physicians and healthcare professionals to perform their work on a daily basis with the added assurances that their patients are being provided the best care available. Visit for more information.


AirStrip Media Contact:
Chris Lato, 262.953.4272

Release Summary

Alan W. Portela has been named CEO of AirStrip Technologies, Inc., company officials announced today. Portela previously joined the AirStrip Board of Directors on Jan. 1 of this year.


AirStrip Media Contact:
Chris Lato, 262.953.4272