Leonardo da Vinci Prize for Early Cancer Detection

Prize currently $10,120.00. Additional contributions accepted through June 18, 2011.

Submit your project (or nominate one you know) by May 30, 2011.

FOSSANO, Italy--()--International philanthropists, prestigious Universities, Hospitals, Order of Physicians, Public Administrations support and sponsor this initiative to follow scientific procedures to identify solutions with the highest potential to reduce premature cancer death and cost.

Projects submitted will be subject to public debate and scrutiny according to the rules of the competition whereby applicants and reviewers are invited to provide scientific supporting arguments demonstrating the superiority in efficiency (the potential to save lives at a reduced cost) of their project when compared to others. Any disputes in identifying the most efficient solution in particle detection for early cancer diagnosis will be resolved with calculations, logical reasoning, and ultimately by the result of experiments. Being public and completely transparent will guarantee that scientific truth will prevail and eliminate any possible favoritism.

Important Dates:
Deadline for project submission: May 30, 2011
Project evaluations: June 8, 2011
Prize award: June 18, 2011

Contest Summary

Media Coverage
Public scrutiny of projects live (interactively via web) from the University of Pavia (Italy).

Cancer costs us $856/year per person, with only a 5% reduction in cancer deaths over the past 50 years, yet with fewer investments, heart disease was reduced 64%, stroke 74%, while pneumonia and flu were reduced by 58% as reported in 2009 by The New York Times. Because experimental data show that early diagnosis saves lives in 90% to 98% of cases, competitions should be pursued in this field.

Support this competition. Read the rules, forward them to experts. Forward this information to philanthropists who care about solutions to reduce premature cancer death. Contribute to the prize. Follow this competition and live discussions from the University of Pavia on comparisons between different projects (see www.insiemecontroilcancro.org).

Entities who want to join this effort can contribute to:
The Leonardo da Vinci Prize:
cc. 960022454, ABA 114000093, SWIFT FRSTUS44

If you or your organization agree with following scientific procedures to identify the best solutions to reduce cancer death and cost and would like to include your name or logo in the next press release please contact request@unitedtoendcancer.org. We appreciate Paul Whelan's contribution towards this press release.


United to End Cancer
Vanna Sereno, +39-0172-61977

Release Summary

Leonardo da Vinci Prize for Early Cancer Detection. Prize $10,120. Philanthrop., Univ., Hosp., support scientific procedures to identify solutions with highest potential to reduce cancer death-cost.


United to End Cancer
Vanna Sereno, +39-0172-61977