ClimbTech Introduces New Series of Innovative Products for the Construction Industry

AUSTIN, Texas--()--ClimbTech (, a maker of innovative safety products for the industrial, commercial construction, military, and mining industries, announced today the introduction of a series of new products that leverage the company’s patent-pending technology to create an even safer environment for these market segments.

“As the economy emerges from the recession, ClimbTech is ideally positioned to help these industries build out new structures with safety as a priority,” said ClimbTech CEO Roberto Fiebig. “Given the surging demand from our customers and the partners who use our technology and parts to develop their own customized products, ClimbTech is positioned for tremendous growth.”

The new products, which center on the company’s patent-pending MEGA Swivel technology, are as follows:

MEGA Swivel Anchor Hybrid. The “Hybrid” uses permanently attached sleeve anchor components that wedge and expand into concrete, providing a more secure hold.

MEGA Mining Bolt. The “Bolt” is designed to be anchored inside friction rock bolts and is rated at 10 thousand lbs.

MEGA Stainless Steel Swivel Anchor. This “Anchor,” which is the stainless steel version of the company’s acclaimed MEGA Swivel Anchor, leverages a patent pending key lock design that keeps the D-Ring seated and locked into its swivel housing, preventing the steel from spreading outward during heavy loads.

ClimbTech also has numerous patentable products in development that will be introduced in the coming months, including the Adjustable Pipe Cam, which attaches to vertical pipes, beams, and columns by means of industrial ropes, wrapping around the substrate and locking as a cam; the Roof Anchor with Swivel Ring, which incorporates the company’s revolutionary patent-pending swivel D-Ring design that allows it to rotate 360 degrees; and the Harness Swivel D-Ring, which is designed for fall protection harnesses.

These new products come on the heels of two new anchors that were introduced in 2010. First, ClimbTech launched the Super Slider I Beam Anchor, the lightest and nimblest sliding I-Beam Anchor on the market. That was followed by the MEGA Swivel 10K Anchor, a heavy duty product that works on concrete and steel surfaces and can support a 10,000-lb load.

“We didn’t get to this point as an industry leader without being responsive to the specific needs of our customers,” said Fiebig. “With our comprehensive suite of patents, a highly responsive customer base and a talented product development team, we expect the growth that has marked this company over the last decade to increase exponentially in the coming year.”

The latest developments at ClimbTech were recently chronicled in a feature in the Austin Business Journal at:

About ClimbTech

Twenty-five years ago, two avid rock climbers with engineering minds and visionary dreams saw the need for advancement in climbing equipment technology. They imagined, researched, and tested and soon came up with product after product, all taking mountaineering to a new level of sophistication, safety, and ease.

In 1998, these climbers realized that their spring-loaded camming devices had a reach well beyond the mountains. Much larger fields with extensive safety concerns, such as the construction, industrial, military and mining industries, were plagued by outdated, heavy and cumbersome equipment. Thus, ClimbTech was born.


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Release Summary

ClimbTech is solidifying its market-leading position as a provider of safety products for the commercial construction industry.


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