KITCHEN 2.0: Three Trends Driving Near-Future Kitchen Appliance Design Innovation

“My Spice” app and “Fridge View” concepts from product development firm

"My Spice" smart phone app with "Fridge View" allows you to shop, shelve and share groceries in the near future Kitchen 2.0. Concepts by Bresslergroup. (Photo: Business Wire)

PHILADELPHIA--()--The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and emerging technology and design trends will make it more so. Bresslergroup, a nationally-renown product research and development firm, conducted proprietary research and identified three major trends driving near-future kitchen innovation: Connectivity, Eco, and Modularity. Each presents opportunities for bringing people together, eliminating wasted space and time-consuming chores and making appliances more energy and user friendly.

“These trends combine to cut down on drudgery, boost organization, facilitate social connectivity, and save money,” says Rob Tannen, Ph.D., Bresslergroup’s director of product research. Here’s a look at what’s coming:

Connectivity: Interactive technology is assisting throughout the home, and now it comes to the kitchen! “My Spice” is a smart phone application concept designed to provide useful information to shop, inventory and share food with your network in the most affordable and enjoyable way. Imagine heading out to the grocery store with your smart phone and seeing what you need via “Fridge View ” which utilizes a camera inside your refrigerator. When you purchase items, the receipt is sent to your My Spice app, providing inventory and expiration dates. Next, you can choose to share your pantry and perishables with others in your My Spice network and, possibly, decide to combine forces – and ingredients – for a group meal. My Spice will be particularly useful for sharing large quantities of a single item purchased from farmer’s markets, farm shares or discount clubs.

Eco: Beyond the materials used to manufacture cabinets and appliances, there is the actual use of energy in the home and the maximization of resources and the reduction of waste. On the energy front, induction cooking already uses less energy than traditional gas or electric ranges. Induction cooking is popular in Europe and is finally making headway in the US market. The near-future induction cooktops can be expanded to include charging circuits for small, cordless kitchen appliances, like mixers and flashlights. This integration allows cooking surfaces to blend seamlessly with the countertop, allowing you to cook, work or charge virtually anywhere on the surface. Refrigerators, with their ready supply of water and energy, may soon include a small herb garden tray on the front door, bringing welcome greenery and fresh ingredients to city-dwellers.

Modularity: The use of upper cabinet/wall space provides opportunities for space optimization and healthier ergonomics. We are already seeing modular refrigerator and dishwashing drawers. Gaggeneu’s “Lift Oven” sets your oven at upper cabinet height, out of the way, when not in use. Next up? Customizable and upgradable units. Multiple refrigerator cabinets could be customized for baby, teen or parents. The fridge modules might eventually “learn” what is needed at a particular time. And imagine an all-in-one dishwasher/upper cabinet. Mounted on the wall, it eliminates the unloading and re-loading chore. Clean, washed dishes remain in place, awaiting the next use, where you actually use them!

“There are opportunities here for large appliance manufacturers, small appliance makers and architects and developers to work together,” says Mathieu Turpault, Design Director, Bresslergroup.

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Bresslergroup, based in Philadelphia, offers innovative product solutions via integrated user research, industrial design and production engineering. The consultancy serves consumer, medical and industrial manufacturers. Founded in 1970, Bresslergroup has won more than 80 major design awards and has authored more than 125 patents.

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Bresslergroup product design firm offers concepts for the near-future Kitchen 2.0, including "My Spice" smart phone app and other innovations for connectivity, eco and modular kitchen appliances.


Mike Flanagan, 215-209-3046