Rsupport Launches RemoteCall + Mobile Pack into North America

First Solution to Feature Live Remote Support Functionality for Android-Enabled Smart Devices

NEW YORK--()--Rsupport, a leading remote support software developer, today launched RemoteCall + Mobile Pack, a solution for Android-OS-based smartphones and tablet PCs. With this announcement, Rsupport becomes the first player in the industry to offer live screen sharing, real-time viewing, and live remote control functions for the increasingly popular Android-enabled smart devices. Rsupport expands the breadth of the industry reach into yet another territory with this latest entry into Android-based devices.

Providing real-time technical support to the mobile device users has been an ongoing telecoms industry challenge because of the fight for control between OEMs and carriers; OEMs want to retain control over their hardware, but the carriers have so far exercised absolute power over all content delivered via their wireless network.

Rsupport has made significant inroads with hardware manufacturers based in the Asia-Pacific region by having its software preloaded onto the smart devices prior to shipment. Currently, Samsung and LG, two of the largest suppliers of Android-based smart devices in the world, have signed partnership agreements with Rsupport. The company is also advancing talks with other smart phone device manufacturers based in Taiwan, China and Japan.

“These partnerships put Rsupport at a distinct advantage over our U.S. and European competitors because our software will already be installed on devices sold in those regions,” said Rsupport CEO Hans Seo. “Our competitors would have to rely on the actual customers going to the Android Marketplace and downloading their remote support software before any type of remote assistance could be made available.”

Seo went on to add that Rsupport’s next big challenge will be approaching the U.S.-based smart device manufacturers and wireless service providers to adopt this latest technology.

The global launch of RemoteCall + Mobile Pack took place at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year in Barcelona, Spain. The North American launch was held at the CTIA Wireless Convention in Orlando, March 22 - 24.

According to the latest industry reports from Frost & Sullivan and the MIC Research Institute, RSUPPORT, with its offices in Korea, Japan, China and the U.S., is the number one remote support solution maker in Asia measured by revenue.


Since 2001, RSUPPORT has been designing and developing on-demand remote support solutions for SMBs and enterprises. Solutions include remote support, system administration, remote access, virtual meetings, smartphone access, and more. Whether customers are remotely supporting, accessing digital information or remotely collaborating - RSUPPORT aims to keep connections fast, secure, and simple. Through a web-browser and an easy-to-use interface, RSUPPORT keeps organizations and customers connected like never before.

Today, RSUPPORT is a leader in the on-demand remote solutions industry. One-person businesses to international IT call centers use RSUPPORT products to offer the absolute best in customer service. RSUPPORT is one of the few companies that has an in-house R&D department with teams of dedicated engineers that are ever improving remote solutions. More than 4000 organizations worldwide use these cost-effective and powerful solutions to optimize their operations.

RSUPPORT's world headquarters and R&D center is located in Seoul, South Korea, with branch offices in Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, China and New York City, U.S.


March Communications
Juliana Allen, 617-960-9880

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Rsupport Launches RemoteCall + Mobile Pack into North America; First Solution to Feature Live Remote Support Functionality for Android-Enabled Smart Devices


March Communications
Juliana Allen, 617-960-9880