Triumfant Enables Agencies to Meet CyberScope Requirements

Special Offers Include On-site Trial and Aggressive Pricing on CyberScope Solution

ROCKVILLE, Md.--()--Triumfant®, creator of patented software that automatically discovers, analyzes and remediates unexpected changes and conditions at the endpoint, today announced two offers to help Federal agencies looking to meet the OMB mandated CyberScope requirements. Triumfant Resolution Manager is a certified CyberScope reporting tool and is fully integrated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) standards.

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) was established in January 2003 to produce key security standards and guidelines with the intent of protecting the nation's critical information infrastructure. Recently, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) initiated the CyberScope program to provide federal agencies an automated method for submitting FISMA audit results.

Triumfant is fully integrated with the SCAP standards that are at the foundation of the current CyberScope requirements. The Triumfant CyberScope solution monitors the SCAP attributes for each endpoint machine and updates the Triumfant repository with this information. Because of this unique approach, Triumfant creates the CyberScope automated feed from the Triumfant repository on demand with no additional scanning or data collection. Access the CyberScope Solution Brief for more detail.

The first offer is an onsite trial to provide agency staff hands-on experience at delivering a CyberScope feed for agency endpoint machines. Triumfant will come to an agency site and work with agency staff to scan a designated set of machines and produce the CyberScope feed and associated reports. This provides the agency an unfiltered view of Triumfant’s innovative approach and practical experience with the broad continuous monitoring capabilities of Triumfant that extend far beyond the CyberScope requirements. More details for this offer are available here.

The second offer is aggressive pricing that enables agencies to meet CyberScope requirements with the Triumfant CyberScope certified solution and, once that requirement is met, to experience first-hand Triumfant’s innovative capabilities with no additional costs or additional software to install. Triumfant will allow participating agencies full use of the Triumfant solution for 120 days after the agency submits its first CyberScope feed. At the end of the 120 days, participating agencies will have the opportunity to acquire the full capabilities of the product at an aggressive price. More details are available here.

“Triumfant fully embodies the concept of continuous monitoring and represents a logical solution to deliver the CyberScope requirements,” said John Prisco, President and CEO, Triumfant. “Best of all, through one solution and one highly efficient scanning process, Triumfant can extend far beyond CyberScope, providing agencies with a near real-time view of the information critical in maintaining the ongoing security of those systems. These offers allow Agencies an effective path to see firsthand the power of the solution and the very real benefits to the agency.”

Agencies seeking information about Triumfant’s CyberScope solution can access the Triumfant site at or email Triumfant at

About Triumfant

Triumfant® leverages patented analytics to detect malicious attacks that evade traditional endpoint protection solutions. Triumfant Resolution Manager discovers, diagnoses unwanted changes and builds situational remediations that removes malicious attacks and repairs the collateral damage to the machine in minutes. Triumfant uses these same analytics to continually enforce security configurations and policies, ensuring that organizations start every day with their endpoints secure and audit ready. For more information about Triumfant, visit

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Release Summary

Triumfant announces special offers to enable Federal Agencies to use Triumfant's Certified CyberScope Solution to meet CyberScope reporting deadlines.


Jim Ivers, 301-917-6288