AEG Digital Media Increases Advertising Opportunities for Live-Streamed Video with Newly-Enriched Tremolo Player

Nine Camera Angles and Broad Ad Support Enables Customers to Support Multiple Sponsors and Combine Live and On-Demand Content in Their Web Video Events

LOS ANGELES--()--AEG Digital Media, the leading provider of complete webcast management and digital media services for live streaming events and online video, announced a new release of its proven Tremolo media player that vastly increases advertising options and revenue opportunities for its current and prospective content customers.

The enriched Tremolo media player provides customers up to nine concurrent camera angles for covering the multifaceted entertainment events they stream to the web masses. Until now, Tremolo could only support a single ad from a sole sponsor across camera angles and either live or on-demand streaming video.

The Tremolo media player breaks new ground by enabling an automaker, for example, to run an ad for numerous cars during a live-streamed event. AEG Digital Media customers can also support a mix of sponsors across the nine camera angles. Customers can enable sponsors to combine live and on-demand content concurrently using separate camera angles.

“Offering the viewer a multi-angle experience results in increased engagement and viewing time,” said Michael Goldfine, President of AEG Digital Media. “This in turn directly impacts the number of ad impressions, making for greater functionality for event sponsors.”

Advertising opportunities extend well beyond camera angle options. The new release enables unique ads per stream and DoubleClick ad support, as well as the ability to use Tremolo to trigger ads, or an entire ad campaign on the screen. AEG Digital Media has also simplified player reconfiguration – adding a remote option, while adding basic security, to enrich the advanced player.

“The enhanced Tremolo media player opens the doors to new revenue opportunities by enabling our customers to support integrated advertising for their streamed events,” said Ben Rolling, Vice President of Development for AEG Digital Media. “In doing so, we have enabled not just dynamically changing ads to reflect the user’s stream selection, but also calls to action such as social media submissions.”

New and enhanced sponsorship and per-stream ad opportunities represent the next generation of advertising for live-streamed video, particularly for far-reaching, large-audience events. AEG Digital Media has provided their expertise and experience to events such as last month’s 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards and the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off Celebration Concert, which was viewed live by over 400,000 viewers from 180 countries and by over one million others via on-demand rebroadcasts. AEG also live-streamed the first-ever United Football League Championship Game available offering the consumer five camera feeds to select from throughout the game.

Other top-shelf events have included the TED Conference, FarmAid, HP’s ePrint launch, The Conan O’Brien Team Coco 24-hour pre-launch cam, Fashion Week, Carnaval live from Brazil, the E3 media briefings, Golden Boy Promotions Fight Night Club series and numerous awards shows including the GRAMMY Awards®, American Music Awards®, People’s Choice Awards, Coachella, and Showtime’s Strikeforce MMA matches.

The enhanced Tremolo player enables these customers and far more to get their hands on the fast-increasing amount of web advertising dollars. Just as a broadcast TV show can be packaged with ads from multiple sponsors, so too can live-streamed entertainment events and conferences with the flexible, nine camera-angle approach.

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Release Summary

AEG Digital Media's Tremolo media player vastly increases advertising options and revenue opportunities during live event streaming online.


For AEG Digital Media
Mary Kay Crocker, 801-592-5575