Tops Millward Brown’s “Value-D” Ranking Globally and in the U.S.

Value-D” Ranking Represents Brand Success Based on the Balance of Consumer Desire and Price; Report Indicates only 7 Percent of Consumers Truly Buy on Price

NEW YORK--()--Millward Brown, a global leader in brand, media and communications research, released a report today entitled “Value-D: Balancing Desire and Price for Brand Success,” revealing that only seven percent of consumers truly buy based on price alone. The report ranked the top global brands based on how consumers perceive the value of the brand and the cost associated with it and found that led the Value-D ranking both globally and in the U.S.

“The Value-D report clearly indicates that despite an economic environment that has bred a cautious consumer, price alone is not enough to attract shoppers--brand strength is just as important as ever,” said Eileen Campbell, Global CEO of Millward Brown. “Value-D is a great indicator of which brands can realize a ‘justifiable premium,’ and it’s clear that Amazon is doing a great job of balancing its brand perception with its pricing strategy.”

Created in conjunction with The Futures Company, The Value-D report also found that 81 percent of consumers regard brand as an important reason to purchase.

“Too many brands fail to fully optimize their power and instead overemphasize Price and downplay Desire. The consumer usually desires a brand first and then considers the price to determine whether to purchase or not. has mastered the art of being a trusted brand that consumers want to buy from. Its pricing is perceived to be great value, but it is its brand power that attracts customers in the first place,” commented Peter Walshe, Global BrandZ Director, Millward Brown.


Global Top 10 Value-D Brands

Brand   Country of Origin   Value-D score*   Brand Type
1. Amazon   U.S.   146   Great Value
2. Colgate   U.S.   133   Great Value
3. Nokia   Finland   128   Great Value
4. Pampers   U.S.   126   Justified Premium
5. Visa   U.S.   125   Great Value
6. Coca-Cola   U.S.   125   Justified Premium
7. Microsoft   U.S.   125   Justified Premium
8. McDonald’s   U.S.   124   Great Value
9. Nescafé   Switzerland   120   Great Value
10. Lidl   Germany   118   Great Value

*The Value-D Score is an index based on consumers’ desire for a brand minus the perception of a brand’s price (taken from rating it “expensive,” “cheap,” or “about right”). A score that exceeds 100 is considered positive, as it indicates a balance towards desirability which overcomes a high price or adds value to a low price.

Source: Millward Brown

Brand Types

The Top 10 Global Value-D Brands are dominated by those that are categorized as “Great Value” and “Justified Premium.” “Great Value” brands combine high desirability scores with price scores that indicate consumers feel the brand is priced less expensively or reasonably. Brands categorized as “Justified Premium” are so desirable that consumers are willing to pay more for them.

In some price-sensitive categories like fast food some brands that generate strong desire and are priced higher are seen as “Great Value.” Subway is a great example of this. Any score over 100 is considered to be strong, as it indicates the brand has a favorable value ‘gap’ that can sustain value or even demand a greater price premium to lift profitability.

“In the current economic climate many brands worry about their prices being perceived as too high, leading to lost business. Others are concerned that prices are too low, leading to profit loss. What is needed is a balance between consumers’ desire for a brand and the price they are prepared to pay for it. This new report will help brands understand where there is a shortfall and how to increase sales potential,” said Walshe.


Top 10 Value-D Brands in the U.S.

Brand   Value-D score*   Brand Type
1.   157   Great Value
2. Crest   136   Great Value
3. Coca-Cola   134   Great Value
4. Folgers   133   Justified Premium
5. Bud Light   133   Great Value
6. Walmart   132   Justified Premium
7. Microsoft   131   Justified Premium
8. Colgate   130   Great Value
9. Dell   130   Great Value
10. HP   129   Great Value

Source: Millward Brown

Emerging in the U.S. Top Value-D brands list was Crest, edging out Colgate, which ranked 8th in the U.S., as the top Value-D toothpaste brand in the U.S; Folgers, the U.S. coffee brand that replaced Nescafe from the global list; Bud Light; Wal-Mart; Dell and HP. Interestingly, McDonald’s, which ranked 8th among the top Global Value-D brands, did not appear within the Top 10 Value-D U.S. brands.

About Value-D

Value-D is a special analysis from the BrandZ study, which is commissioned by WPP and measures thousands of brands across 20 countries.

The full report is available exclusively to WPP clients, but a summary version can be accessed at

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Release Summary

Millward Brown releases "Value-D" ranking of top brands based on consumers' perception of brand value (measured by desire) combined with price. AMZN leads globally and in U.S. MSFT also included.


Millward Brown
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