LucidLogix Further Simplifies Virtu GPU Virtualization Software for Sandy Bridge Enabled Systems and Announces Consumer Free Trial Version

KFAR NETTER, Israel & SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Only weeks after releasing Virtu to motherboard manufacturers, LucidLogix™ today announced a free trial of its GPU virtualization software that marries the rich media features of Sandy Bridge and the stunning 3D graphics provided by discrete GPUs on 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processor enabled motherboards.

Furthermore, Lucid has further simplified Virtu software by allowing it to function regardless of the display connection. Now H Series motherboard users can plug the display connector into either the Sandy Bridge CPU or into the discrete GPU (add-in board) and enjoy the benefits of both devices. This eliminates the need to change a user’s computing habits, so they can continue connecting their display to the discrete GPU output as they are accustomed to, while enjoying full 3D gaming performance alongside Sandy Bridge features like Quick Sync.

“With Virtu software, Lucid allows the user to seamlessly enjoy all of the features of their graphics and media devices,” said Offir Remez, president and founder of LucidLogix. “We quickly learned that every user has his own preferences and needs from their systems, preferring their own unique mixture of high performance, feature rich or power efficiency, therefore we’ve further simplified things by eliminating the requirement to choose a specific display connection.”

Lucid GPU virtualization software assigns tasks in real time to the best available graphics resource based on power, performance and features considerations, with no need for additional hardware. If graphics power is needed for applications like high-resolution 3D gaming, the system will assign the job to the discrete GPU. If not, the discrete GPU automatically goes into idle mode, while heat drops, fan speed slows down and the discrete GPU utilization goes down to zero, resulting in a green, power-efficient, long-lasting system.

Virtu can now work in two configurations – i-Mode (integrated GPU) and d-Mode (discrete GPU). With i-Mode, the screen is directly connected to the Sandy Bridge CPU via the motherboard display output and with d-Mode the screen is connected to the discrete’s display connector. The benefits for both include:


  • Energy savings provided as the discrete GPU is idle when not in use
  • Enjoy all Sandy Bridge advanced media features such as QuickSync and Intel Insider
  • Dynamically chooses best GPU to play popular games, video and HTML graphics
  • Full gaming experience with near zero virtualization overhead


  • Play any game at highest discrete GPU frame rates
  • Enjoy advanced media features such as QuickSync and other video applications using Sandy Bridge media
  • Future versions of Virtu will include Crossfire and SLI support (applicable for Z series)

Owners of Sandy Bridge platform H Series (H61 or H67) with 2nd Generation Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs may download Virtu free for a limited time by going to:

Additionally, Lucid plans to extend Virtu software support for AMD Brazos Graphics and the Intel Z68 chipsets. To learn more about Virtu visit

About LucidLogix

Lucid Technologies has reinvented multi-core graphics with its HYDRALOGIX real-time distributed processing engine that improves visual computing for both business and gaming applications. A fabless SoC provider, headquartered in Kfar Netter, Israel with sales and marketing in Santa Clara, California, Lucid’s innovations are protected by more than 60 patents pending. For more information, visit the Lucid website or follow @LucidHYDRA on Twitter.


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Release Summary

LucidLogix™ announced a free trial of its GPU virtualization software that marries the rich media features of Sandy Bridge and the stunning 3D graphics provided by discrete GPUs.


Stowe Consulting
Kim Stowe, 1-408-839-8750