Monster Partners with DailyFeats for “Doing Good”

Monster hosting series of positive work-related actions to inspire and reward members

SXSW 2011

MAYNARD, Mass.--()®, the leading job matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW), today announced its partnership with DailyFeats, the new online community where people share and earn rewards for their positive actions. Monster is among the first major brands to collaborate with DailyFeats and is the exclusive sponsor of career and work-related “feats” intended to inspire and reward actions that support members’ accomplishments and aspirations in the world of work.

At DailyFeats, members collect points for doing simple but meaningful feats in four broad categories -- body, mind, home and community -- and then redeem those points for real-world rewards from local and national retailers and service providers. The new feats sponsored by Monster encourage specific ways for people to celebrate learning new skills, making new contacts, relieving stress, and taking initiative – all focusing attention on the power of the things we do each day.

"Monster and DailyFeats share a passion for helping people improve their lives and doing well by doing good as a business, so our partnership is a natural,” said Janet Swaysland, Monster global SVP of communications and social media. “Looking for a job and planning career moves feel monumental to most people, and what helps is taking action even in small ways, and frequently. What’s even better is to get recognition and rewards for those actions, and that’s what happens in the DailyFeats online community with our career-focused feats.”

“Our mission is to inspire positive actions, to encourage people to reach their maximum potential every single day,” said Morley Ivers, COO of DailyFeats. “Working with Monster to develop these new feats will give job seekers – who are constantly looking for motivation and encouragement in a less-than-ideal economy – sources of positivity. We'll enable them to reach for that career next-step they thought they weren't ready to take, or to connect with a former colleague who might be able to mentor them towards a new career path entirely. Doing all these positive actions will help them reach their maximum career potential.”

DailyFeats visitors and members will find Monster-sponsored feats in two ways: through the landing page portal where the feats are presented together, and by browsing feats in the DailyFeats catalog. Feats developed through Monster’s partnership with DailyFeats include:

!yourpotential—Choose something to accomplish and begin working towards it. Envision yourself in a better life and commit to achieving it.

!newskills—Learn new abilities, through classes, training or research, and build your strength as a job candidate and well-rounded person.

!makeconnections— Reach out to someone who might help your future. Even for those who are not actively engaged in a job hunt, the value of having a strong network of contacts is undeniable.

!doitnow—Make a move right now to get something accomplished. Prevent procrastination and distraction and learn to be more productive.

!victory— Celebrate completing a challenging task. Instead of getting hung up on occasional slipups, celebrate your daily triumphs, whether you successfully fought for your ideas in a meeting or just managed to stay awake through it.

!updateresume – Be prepared. Having an up-to-date resume on hand is not only an important part of active job-seeking, but can make you ready to jump at opportunities when they come your way.

!careerplan – Look ahead. Planning for the growth of your career is an essential first step towards realizing it, and making career moves in a purposeful way is much more likely to lead you to success.

!deepbreath —Take a deep, relaxing breath. Have a moment of calm and clear thinking that makes your life and workday easier.

To start earning points for the new feats, visit

Also join DailyFeats at SXSW between March 11-20, 2011 in Austin, TX, where SXSW conference attendees can explore the world of positive actions unlocked by DailyFeats, and use it to navigate all the good things converging on Austin, including special one-time-only SXSW feats like !inspired@SXSW and !network@SXSW. By visiting on their mobile browsers, attendees at SXSW can access Monster's slate of feats about accomplishing goals to inspire their career, connect with other people in Austin and around the world pursuing the same positive goals, and redeem their points for over 129,000 local rewards -- in Austin and around the country.

There are several ways to connect with Monster and DailyFeats:

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About DailyFeats

DailyFeats is the online community where people share and earn rewards for their positive actions -- their feats. DailyFeats members collect points for doing simple but meaningful feats that benefit the body, mind, home and community. Points can then be redeemed for exciting real-world rewards, including everything from discounts at local businesses to savings from national brands. Doing good is easy, fun and rewarding at DailyFeats.


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Release Summary® today announced its partnership with DailyFeats, the new online community where people share and earn rewards for their positive actions.


Porter Novelli
Zora Falkowski, 617-897-8247
Jessica Sutera, 978-823-2812