API Healthcare Synergy: The Future of Healthcare Workforce Management

Fully integrated solution enables cost-effective, high quality care

HARTFORD, Wis.--()--API Healthcare, the leader in healthcare-specific workforce management technology, today announced the release of API Healthcare Synergy, a comprehensive, fully integrated single-platform workforce management solution designed to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. API Healthcare Synergy will significantly improve productivity, enabling healthcare facilities to deliver more positive patient outcomes in the most cost-effective way.

“Fully integrated workforce management systems play a key role in balancing increased patient demand with delivery of cost-effective care,” said Jim Holincheck, managing vice president, Gartner, Inc. “Solutions with integrated single-platform technology can provide improved efficiency, ensuring faster completion of tasks and less room for errors. In addition it allows managers to make better scheduling decisions that can lead to improved patient outcomes.”

API Healthcare Synergy uses the most advanced technology available to make sure that both the clinical and financial sides of a healthcare organization are optimized. The result is high quality, cost-effective care for patients.

Data-Driven Staffing Tools

API Healthcare Synergy’s single-platform technology uses real-time data to identify current patient needs and helps managers make the right patient-caregiver match based on available nurses and their skill sets. Integration of patient classification data with staffing information empowers healthcare organizations to have the right caregiver with the right patient – at the right cost.

“By using intuitive workforce management technology to ensure the right patient-caregiver connection, organizations will not only see more positive outcomes; they will also position themselves to realize more positive financial results,” said J.P. Fingado, president and chief executive officer, API Healthcare. “The overall outcome is better patient care and a more balanced workload among nurses. Better equity leads to happier, more productive employees, which benefits the patients and is good for the organization as a whole.”

Improved Scheduling Processes

API Healthcare Synergy provides powerful and easy-to-use tools that significantly reduce the amount of time managers spend creating and managing staffing plans.

  • Open shift management tools empower employees to choose their own schedules, trade shifts or request shifts, giving them more control over their own work-life balance.
  • ActiveRoster and the Current Staffing Overview screen give managers a clear view of current staffing levels, allowing them to quickly determine if patient care needs are being met and make quick adjustments to fill gaps before problems occur.
  • Mobile Device Communication tools allow managers to quickly fill shifts by broadcasting openings to available, qualified employees using text messages, emails and voice mail.
  • Unique overtime analysis tools provide managers deep insight into preventable, scheduled and projected overtime, allowing for quick course correction and proactive schedule adjustments before avoidable overtime occurs.

“The tools in API Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling Solution have made a significant impact on our business,” said Michele Pfliger, technical staffing analyst, St. Alexius Medical Center. “Because our staffing office coordinators are able to complete the process of daily staffing much quicker they are able to take on some of the additional workload of our nursing managers, allowing them more time to focus on patient care.”

Streamlining with Integration

By eliminating the need for disparate systems, API Healthcare Synergy improves the efficiency of workforce management. New tools make it easier for clinical and managerial staff to review time cards and for payroll and human resource staff to implement pay policy and benefit changes. That results in fewer errors, saves time and money, and ensures regulatory compliance.

  • Integrated technology provides managers with real-time insight into the complete labor picture, enabling immediate analysis of an organization’s total staffing needs and costs.
  • Streamlined payroll processing means employees are processed only once and corrections can be processed individually, without having to batch process all employees again.
  • Effective dating capabilities allow users to enter any and all changes as they receive them, even when the changes are not to take effect until next week, next month or next year. This alleviates the need to hold onto paperwork to make the update when the change becomes effective.

API Healthcare Synergy eliminates the need for multiple workforce management systems, allowing healthcare organizations to operate more efficiently and greatly reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks that take away from the time caregivers spend caring for and treating patients. Developed with the healthcare worker in mind, API Healthcare Synergy connects the clinical and financial sides of an organization, minimizing labor costs, increasing employee satisfaction and improving patient outcomes.

About API Healthcare

API Healthcare is the largest healthcare-specific vendor of workforce management solutions to the healthcare industry. The company’s staffing and scheduling, patient classification, human resources, recruiting, payroll, time and attendance, business analytics and staffing agency solutions are used by more than 1,000 hospitals and staffing agencies. Founded in 1982, API Healthcare has been rated by KLAS® in the Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards Report (www.KLASresearch.com) as the top time and attendance provider system for the last nine years (2002-2010). More information can be found at www.apihealthcare.com.


API Healthcare
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Release Summary

API Healthcare Synergy is a fully integrated, single-platform solution that uses advanced technology to connect clinical and finance, resulting in high quality cost effective patient care.


API Healthcare
Samantha Ehley, 262-670-2714