AdSafe Audit Finds Undertone® Ads Outperform Industry on Key Brand Safety Metrics

Comprehensive Analysis of Display Inventory Validates Undertone’s Commitment to Quality and Brand Protection

NEW YORK--()--Undertone, which delivers quality display and video experiences for advertisers, publishers and the global audiences they serve, today announced results of a performance audit by AdSafe Media that show Undertone exceeds every industry benchmark of essential brand safety metrics, especially the quality and safety of its ad inventory. AdSafe Media, the rating standard of online media, conducted the review of key performance data and evaluated inventory risk, site content, inventory visibility and geo-targeting compliance.

In the key area of inventory risk – defined as sites that are inappropriate for a brand or are of questionable integrity – Undertone proved to be one of the safest options in the industry: just 0.31% of its inventory was classified as high risk. That compares to 15.4% for ad exchanges and 5.7% for traditional ad networks.

“This audit clearly demonstrates that Undertone is one of the safest choices in digital advertising,” said Mike Cassidy, CEO, Undertone. “In this market, anyone can say anything about their performance, but Undertone is willing to support its claim with both third-party data and our quality guarantee.”

In each category of the audit, Undertone exceeded the industry average:

  • On AdSafe’s Media Rating Index (MRI), which measures the aggregate content quality of an ad network, Undertone scored 137 compared to the industry norm of 100. This 37% delta demonstrates Undertone’s high level of brand safety and the quality of its sites.
  • In measuring the level of source-level transparency regarding the disclosure of the referring URL of inventory, Undertone achieved 99.63%, significantly above the industry average of 75.28%.
  • When measuring the level of compliance with geo-targeting parameters, which refers to a media partner’s adherence to insertion order specifications about where ads should run on national or international sites, Undertone measured 99.39%.

“One of the most telling data points provided through this audit was Undertone’s score on the AdSafe Media Rating Index, which was nearly 40% above the industry average,” said David Hahn, SVP of Product Management for AdSafe Media. “This key performance indicator provides an empirical data point to judge the overall brand safety of a network.”

The audit will be discussed by AdSafe during a free webinar on Thursday, Jan. 20, from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET. For more information regarding AdSafe’s methodology or its Network Audit program, go to

About AdSafe Media

AdSafe is the Rating Standard of Online Media. AdSafe rates the brand safety of content on commercially supported web pages using proprietary algorithmic modeling and human verification. AdSafe’s BrandSafe Firewall enables Advertisers to prevent advertising from appearing on web pages that do not meet their content rating requirements. AdSafe’s Network Monitor enables Ad-Networks and Publishers to manage the brand safety of the display inventory, thereby increasing protecting clients and increasing monetization of display inventory. AdSafe is headquartered in New York, NY with operations in San Francisco, CA and London, England. For more information visit

About Undertone

Undertone delivers quality display and video experiences for advertisers, publishers and the global audiences they serve. Undertone’s Digital Advertising Suite™ is a unified platform that supports targeting, optimization and reporting across multiple formats. Armed with the insights to turn data into better decisions, Undertone helps marketers around the world create value from their online investments. For more information, go to


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