InsightExpress Announces First of Its Kind Ignite Network™

Provides Superior Online Advertising Research, with Unparalleled Access to Respondents, Enhanced Surveying Technology, and Powerful Data Integration

STAMFORD, Conn.--()--InsightExpress, a leading digital marketing research firm, announced today the launch of the Ignite Network, a series of partnerships with online panel companies that strategically aggregates several of the industry’s most recognized sample providers to offer unprecedented sample access, new data integration capabilities and greater methodological rigor to online advertising effectiveness and cross media research.

The first of its kind, the Ignite Network promises to revolutionize how online and offline media research is conducted with three significant benefits:

1. Respondents are sourced from the Ignite Network, which provides greater control over sample criteria and frees publishers from using pop-up invites, resulting in an improved site experience.

2. The Ignite Network offers the ability to seamlessly bridge attitudinal data with online behavioral data and offline conversion data.

3. The Ignite Network significantly increases the data available for media analytics and provides a deeper understanding of the impact of media

The Ignite Network is richly comprised of over 10 million respondents from some of the industry’s most respected providers. Through these partnerships, clients using InsightExpress’ leading media measurement solutions, AdInsights® and Cross Media Symphony®, can leverage this state of the art panel resource to elevate their research. Further, enhanced privacy controls protect Ignite Network respondents while still giving clients the ability to match behavioral and offline conversion data at the respondent level.

The technology powering the Ignite Network advances how online advertising effectiveness and cross media research is conducted. By recruiting respondents via email, and thus reducing the need for pop-up surveys and advertising inventory from media partners, the experience for users is measurably improved. This development allows online publishers to focus on content creation, without worrying about the impact of ongoing research on their site’s visitor experience.

One of the key methodological benefits of the Ignite Network is the ability to survey respondents exposed to an online advertisement after a significant passage of time, in order to better understand issues like advertising decay. Due to prior limitations with cookie technology, this type of extended timeframe post-exposure research was previously impossible.

“The Ignite Network is an exciting development for our industry. These partnerships bring together multiple industry leading panel partners to benefit all stakeholders within the media, advertising and research industry,” said Marc Ryan, SVP, Chief Research Officer at InsightExpress. “With the Ignite Network, we not only bring to bear smarter research techniques but we also improve the environment in which research is conducted.”

“Simply put, the Ignite Network will make our lives easier in terms of brand study execution, and our users happier with the overall site experience,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Brand Officer at Forbes. “Today, improving users’ site experience and efficiently managing ad inventory rank as important priorities. The Ignite Network supports these objectives by eliminating the need for pop-up survey invitations, and thus bonusing inventory across our properties. Further, the Ignite Network’s data integration capabilities are unique to InsightExpress’ panel-based approach.”

“With the launch of the Ignite Network, InsightExpress has begun to overcome some of the challenges that the industry identified in the last couple of years in online ad effectiveness research,” said Kate Sirkin, EVP Global Research at Starcom MediaVest Group. “At SMG, we are keen to continue to address these challenges and provide improved online ad effectiveness and cross media measurement for our clients. Improving responses rates, consumer experiences, panel quality and analytical techniques are the right things to focus on and we applaud InsightExpress for investing in the capabilities to allow us to do so.”

Emphasizing the company’s significant financial and technical commitment to the development of the Ignite Network, William Lipner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at InsightExpress added, “Today we are proud to introduce the Ignite Network, a revolutionary offering bolstered by the next generation of InsightExpress research capabilities. Our recently enhanced research platform is now supported by a highly sophisticated data warehouse solution powered by Dell, Aster Data, and Akamai. The unique combination of large scale panel access, extraordinary processing power and a decade of knowledge, data and experience in advertising research make the Ignite Network unparalleled in the industry.”

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Release Summary

InsightExpress launches the Ignite Network, a series of partnerships with online panel companies that strategically aggregates several of the industry’s most recognized sample providers.


Jenny Donohue, 203-406-3233