iPhone Continues Three-Year Reign, Consumer Electronics Dominate in Vitrue’s Annual Rankings of Most Social Brands

Blackberry Jumps to No. 2 on Third Annual “Vitrue 100” Most Social Brands Rankings

ATLANTA--()--Apple’s iPhone continued its reign earning the top spot again for the third-straight year followed by an impressive showing by consumer electronic brands. The Vitrue 100, which annually ranks the most social brands, has iPhone # 1 followed by Blackberry (2), Disney (3), Android (4) and iPad (5) rounding out the top five. The Vitrue 100 measures a brand’s “social mentions” by analyzing online conversations on a daily basis across social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, photo and video sharing sites. The rankings represent the sheer volume of social mentions, not sentiment. This is the third annual Vitrue 100. Click here for current and past rankings: http://www.vitrue.com/smi.

“Our third annual Vitrue 100 rankings revealed some surprising and interesting things about some of the world’s most iconic brands, as well as newer brands, and their effective use of social media,” said Reggie Bradford, CEO of Vitrue. “iPhone taking the top spot is most likely is due to continued and sustained buzz and headlines the strong brand generated during 2010, with many articles, blogs and consumer mentions. It is certainly impressive that Apple dominates the list with six brands—iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple and iTunes—and four of those brands are in the top 15. And it was great to see some new brands this year like Android, making a monster debut at No. 4 and Blackberry moving up 13 spots. 60% of the top 20 on the list are consumer electronics brands, which shows a strong dominance of that industry in social mentions.”

Additional thoughts from Bradford on The Vitrue 100:

  • Consumer Electronic brands had the largest share with 30% of the total list; Fashion/Retail, 20%; Auto/Transportation, 17%; Media/Broadcast, 12%; Sports, 5%; Online, 5%; Food/Beverage, 4%; Quick Serve Restaurants, 4%; Financial, 2%; and Toys/Amusement, 1%.
  • Blackberry generated tremendous buzz and news headlines throughout 2010 and moved up 13 spots in the Vitrue 100 to #2. Blackberry is a strong, well-known brand, and it is especially engrained in the business/enterprise community as it seems for the past decade everyone had a Blackberry device. However, 2010 continued the rise and popularity of smart phones like iPhone and Android-enabled handhelds…and these phones are encroaching on Blackberry’s historically dominant market share of the business world. Blackberry also has many popular smart phones that created buzz and consumers love.
  • Google's Android made an impressive debut at #4. With the rise in Android-enabled mobile/smart phones and a big advertising push, Android certainly generated social buzz throughout 2010. Headlines also included stories about Android encroaching on Blackberry as well as gaining on iPhone from a market share perspective.
  • AT&T tied for the biggest jumper moving up 45 spots to #32. According to an Advertising Age article this summer, AT&T executives said they began addressing customer service mentions of AT&T on social sites by growing a team of five people to 19 people dedicated to managing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. AT&T decided to take customer service right to the customers on social nets. AT&T took quick and smart actions to help their customers achieve great service through social channels. We see this as a growing trend for all businesses, especially communication/technology companies.
  • Financial brands were big gainers in social media this year. Visa was tied for second-biggest mover jumping 45 spots to #42. Visa was a title sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The global nature of the event made social an efficient and effective medium for awareness building. The company placed significant resources into social, mainly Facebook and You Tube. Visa developed numerous Facebook and YouTube campaigns — like "Go Fans" and "VISA Match Planner" — that generated tremendous buzz worldwide around the world's biggest sporting event. And they made all their promotions and social efforts available in multiple languages. Also, American Express joins the Vitrue 100 list for the first time at #96 with a variety of social media efforts in 2010. Notably, Small Business Saturday is an American Express brainchild to encourage consumers to support their local small businesses on the Saturday after Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. American Express launched the Small Business Saturday Facebook Page in November to get the word out about the initiative and the page garnered around 1.2 million fans very quickly. American Express donated $1 million to the Girls, Inc organization after achieving that fan milestone.
  • The Gap shows up on the Vitrue 100 at #91 with three significant social buzz moments in 2010: the first national brand retailer to utilize a Groupon in August, The Gap logo change in October, and using Facebook Places to distribute Deals in November.
  • Sports continue to have a strong showing as people are passionate and very social about their teams and leagues. And, of course, teams and leagues have become much more savvy and aware of the power of social media and thus helping to push their social buzz. However “sports” as a category did experience lower rankings than in previous years: NBA, #18 (dropped 13 spots); NFL, #36 (dropped 24 spots); NHL, #65 (dropped 19 spots); MLB, #68 (dropped 39 spots); and NASCAR, #73 (dropped 30 spots).
The Vitrue 100: Top Social Brands of 2010
1. iPhone
2. Blackberry
3. Disney
4. Android
5. iPad
6. Sony
7. Apple
8. MTV
9. Coca-Cola
10. Samsung
11. Ford
12. Mercedes
13. BMW
14. Starbucks
15. iPod
16. ABC
17. Xbox
18. NBA
19. CNN
20. Honda
21. Dell
22. Amazon
23. Hewlett-Packard
24. Nike
25. Nokia
26. Playstation
27. Ferrari
28. Wii
29. eBay
30. Nissan
31. Microsoft
32. AT&T
33. iTunes
34. Adidas
35. Audi
36. NFL
37. Nintendo
38. Red Bull
39. Best Buy
40. Toyota
41. Gucci
42. Visa
43. Victoria's Secret
44. Disneyland
45. Suzuki
46. LG
47. Fox News
48. Zara
49. Volkswagen
50. Turner
51. Converse
52. Dodge
53. CBS
54. General Motors
55. ESPN
56. Panasonic
57. Porsche
58. NBC
59. Chevrolet
60. Target
61. Jeep
62. Kia
63. Intel
64. Subway
65. NHL
66. McDonald's
67. Pandora
68. Major League Baseball
69. Sprint
70. Puma
71. Harley Davidson
72. Pixar
74. REI
75. Walmart
76. Mac
77. Discovery Channel
78. H&M
79. Philips
80. Pepsi
81. Prada
82. T-Mobile
83. Skittles
84. Burberry
85. Verizon
86. Louis Vuitton
87. Motorola
88. Krystal
89. IKEA
90. IBM
91. The Gap
92. Sears
93. Armani
94. Cisco
95. Zappos
96. American Express
97. Hurley
98. Oracle
99. Netflix
100. TBS

Some powerhouse technology brands were omitted from the list as they provide the backbone of many social networks. These include Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. The Vitrue 100 is measuring companies that are using the technology, not those who are the technology. For more information, including methodology behind the rankings, please visit www.vitrue.com/smi.

About Vitrue: Vitrue is the leading provider of social media publishing software, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool to help businesses harness the marketing potential of social media. Anchored by its industry-leading Vitrue Social Relationship Management (SRM) Platform, Vitrue works with marketers of all sizes, from global brands to local businesses, as well as agencies, to deliver a comprehensive solution to message, manage, measure and maximize interactions across Facebook and Twitter. Headquartered in Atlanta with offices in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and San Francisco, Vitrue is a Facebook “Preferred Developer Consultant” and has received numerous industry accolades including the Red Herring Global 100 and OnMedia 100. For more information, visit vitrue.com.


Erika J. Brookes, 404-478-8320
VP, Marketing
Twitter: @ebrookes
Justin Grimsley, 404-995-4573

Release Summary

The Vitrue 100, which annually ranks the most social brands, has iPhone # 1 followed by Blackberry (2), Disney (3), Android (4) and iPad (5) rounding out the top five.


Erika J. Brookes, 404-478-8320
VP, Marketing
Twitter: @ebrookes
Justin Grimsley, 404-995-4573