2nd BioMarine Business Convention September 7, 8 and 9, 2011

Nantes – St-Nazaire, France

Developing Solutions to Put Marine Bio-Resources to Productive Use

The global players in marine biology will meet on September 7, 8 and 9, 2011 in Nantes-St-Nazaire, France. The region is a world leader, boasting high levels of academic expertise and cutting-edge industry working to preserve marine bio-resources and put them to productive use

NANTES,France & PARIS--()--BioMarine International Business Convention 2011 brings together business, science, finance and industry to develop solutions promoting productive use of marine bio-resources.

BioMarine Business Convention 2011 is co-chaired by Tony Haymet, Director of the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego: "Scripps was the first BioMarine partner, and we are very pleased to support this second convention. Today, the marine environment is facing serious problems that call for urgent investments to ensure the planet’s health and economy. The current challenges involve developing a concerted political framework and controlling environmental impact; the Scripps Institution of Oceanography intends to contribute more than ever. The 2nd BioMarine Convention underscores this intention and offers the possibility of partnerships to benefit everyone. That’s why I’m looking forward to the BioMarine Business Convention 2011, in Nantes-St-Nazaire, France, and I encourage all those involved in the sector worldwide to join us there!"

BioMarine International Business Convention 2011: the world’s top BioMarine event.

Jean-Paul Cadoret, Director of the Laboratory for Algal Physiology and Biotechnology at IFREMER Nantes and member of the science advisory board, explains that BioMarine 2011 is a way to recognize the work that academic laboratories and industrial players are carrying out with the support of their public partners.

Highlights of the BioMarine Business Convention 2011

September 7: Discovery Day

A day devoted to investors, representatives of clusters, government agencies and international industrial firms: meetings with the key players in the sector in France, those who drive the most advanced developments and investments in renewable energy and marine bio-resources (ingredients, algae, co-products of fishing, etc.).

A conference for the general public: an opportunity for everyone to understand the impact of using marine resources on our daily lives.

September 8-9: BioMarine Business Convention

An international forum for business meetings and talks/debates between industrial players, scientific researchers, investors and public institutions.

  • A business convention to:

- promote discussion, acquisitions and partnerships

- create new international collaborations between industrial players, investors and scientists in cosmetics, health/pharmaceuticals, nutrition, renewable energy and the environment.

  • Talks/debates with renowned international speakers to:

- understand the key issues surrounding the use of marine bio-resources,

- hear about the concrete solutions offered by industry,

- learn about international investment and financing programs.

  • Topics include:

Marine BioTech: opening the door to new types of treatment

Algae: the biofuel of the future?

The keys to investing in the marine biology industry

Cultivating bio-marine resources

Cosmetics go blue

Marine wind power by 2020

Synthetic and artificial life

Algae: a major cosmetic ingredient

Financing innovative regional projects

The new industrial network: the role of bio-marine resources

Program & Registration: http://convention.biomarine.org/

BioMarine 2008 key figures:

- 2000 participants, all global players in the ocean sector: politicians, scientists and industrial companies

- more than 150 speakers

- 700 VIPs invited to debate a variety of topics, such as safety and cleaning up the ocean world, or the ocean as a source of renewable energy

About BioMarine©

BioMarine, a private initiative founded in 2008 by Pierre Erwes, encompasses three aspects:

Business & Investments: The BioMarine Business Convention is designed to allow industrial players, scientists, investors and representatives of local government to boost their acquisitions, investments, technology transfer and partnership developments in an international context. The aim of this convention is to promote the development of small businesses and national companies in the marine and maritime sector on the international stage.

It is held on a three-year cycle: Nantes-Saint Nazaire will be its European base for 2011, and then the business convention will travel to North America in 2012 and Asia in 2013. This cycle will help support the representation of France and the other European countries on these issues in North America and Asia.

Seas and Overseas: In cooperation with the Secretary of State for Overseas Territories, BioMarine draws on its expertise and networks to organize Seas and Overseas, a day designed to promote and expand the insular economic potential of the French overseas departments and territories, in partnership with their neighboring countries.

Monaco Blue Initiative (in partnership with the Albert I and Albert II foundations and the Oceanographic Institution): this initiative, under the aegis of HSH Albert II, aims to encourage the emergence of innovative solutions to improve the viability of the world’s oceans.

About Atlanpole

BioMarine 2011 is being co-organized by Atlanpole, the technology cluster at Nantes Atlantique. Founded in 1987 with support from local governments in the region*, Atlanpole is an economic development structure promoting innovation and accredited for the French Ministry of Research. The technology cluster for the greater Nantes economic area is responsible for supervising and building connections between sources of skills as well as identifying and supporting innovating projects to develop small businesses. Atlanpole drives a strong network approach and promotes synergies by bringing together companies (more than 300), institutes of higher education, clinical research and basic research, covering a total of 20,000 jobs.

In the international community, Atlanpole is involved mainly in the information technology, biotechnology and industrial innovation sectors, and more recently in marine bio-resources. For each of these sectors, Atlanpole plays an essential role in the corresponding competitiveness clusters. The technology cluster is the head of Atlanpole Biotherapies. For Images & Networks, Atlanpole is the operational liaison in the Pays de la Loire region and for EMC2, providing ongoing operational support.

Over the past several years, Atlanpole has invested substantially in the emergence and structuring of a new economic sector devoted to putting marine bio-resources to productive use. Christened Atlanpole Blue Cluster, it first appeared at the 2008 BioMarine Convention. Three years later, Atlanpole Blue Cluster is made up of some one hundred players in the west of France and is asserting its strong potential for international development.

Nantes Métropole, Pays de la Loire Regional Council, Loire-Atlantique General Council, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire CCI, Carène, the city of Roche-sur-Yon, the University and University Hospital Center of Nantes.


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Release Summary

The global players in marine biology will meet on September 7, 8 and 9, 2011 in Nantes-St-Nazaire, France.


Yucatan press contact:
Annie-Florence Loyer
+ 33 1 53 63 27 29 / + 33 6 88 20 35 59
Nadège Le Lezec
+ 33 1 53 63 27 27