BRS Labs Selected as Finalist in INSTINCT – Technology Challenge Led by the UK Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT)

Behavioral Analytics technology from BRS Labs selected by INSTINCT, the cross departmental organisation of the UK Government, led by the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) for challenge focusing on innovations in Aviation Security

HOUSTON--()--BRS Labs, the world’s leader in artificial intelligence Behavioral Analytics software, announces the selection of AISight as a finalist in the Technology Demonstrator 2 (TD2) technology challenge, managed by the Innovative Science and Technology in Counter Terrorism (INSTINCT) and Thales, under the direction of the UK Government Office for Security and Counter Terrorism. The challenge focuses on innovative technologies used to enhance aviation across multiple stages – from exterior and interior intrusion detection, baggage screening, and boarding of aircraft, to enhancing the passenger experience and increasing airport revenues.

INSTINCT is a UK Home Office run initiative, which aims to identify innovative technologies, solutions or ideas in the field of counter-terrorism. TD2 focuses specifically on ideas that could enhance aviation security. Following the live trials, there will be an INSTINCT TD2 showcase event, held at Thales Crawley on 1 and 2 December. Ministers and domestic and international VIPs from industry will be invited to view the technologies at the showcase.

BRS LABS has invented and developed the world’s first video surveillance intelligence behavioral analytics platform, known as AISight, whereby advanced neural network technology for the first time is being applied to video surveillance systems through a patented artificial intelligence framework. Specifically designed to autonomously serve as the eyes and brain for critical security environments, AISight is able to attach to existing video surveillance infrastructure and watch, learn, and identify unusual behavioral patterns 24/7 in real time. This advanced video surveillance technology has been deployed globally across critical infrastructure facilities, intelligence agency applications, urban areas, seaports, financial institutions and others.

AISight is ideally suited for complex environments such as airport security. The software detects anomalous behavior, while focusing on maintaining efficiency of operations. AISight alerts upon unusual activity directly into the command and control operations center as well as delivery to individual response officers located throughout the airport – all without interfering with the efficiency of movement or convenience of passengers”, says John Frazzini, President of BRS Labs. “Airports face rapidly evolving challenges, in both security and basic operations, and benefit from the unique value this advanced behavioral analysis technology offers.”

AISight utilizes an object classification system based on artificial neural network (ANN) technology, an innovation never before applied to video analytics. This innovation addresses two of the most complex identification and tracking problems: accurately classifying objects such as humans, animals, vehicles etc., efficiently recognizing and tracking large numbers of moving objects in the camera’s view.

Artificial neural networks simulate the functions and processes of biological neural networks. With this innovative micro-classification feature, AISight classifies objects without any pre-programmed definitions or specifications, replicating the neural processes of a human. This provides AISight with a wider and broader understanding of scene content to yield highly effective identification, analysis and tracking of behaviors.

Universally compatible with legacy camera and software systems, AISight supports a robust, fully documented software development kit (SDK) with unprecedented turnkey integration – a time and cost saving complement to its industry-leading ease of installation. AISight is designed to consume video from an existing video management system or command and control system directly. This creates a seamless platform where all video management can be centralized, in direct contrast to other systems requiring separate video feeds or software. AISight integrates easily across existing system infrastructure, a differentiator noted by the INSTINCT – TD2 judging panel.

“The AISight system could be used for integrating with other systems, as it supports an Open Architecture”, says one of the INSTINCT – TD2 panel judges, “the prior field performance is interesting and useful for application in an airport environment…the ability of the system to learn behaviours observed is of significant interest”.

About BRS Labs

BRS Labs is a software development company that has created the industry’s first behavioral analysis system for video surveillance that adaptively learns behavior patterns in complex environments. BRS Labs is the only company that has been able to apply computer-vision and artificial neural network (ANN) capabilities to video analytics, thereby greatly enhancing operator awareness and effectiveness in improving security. No human is required to define parameters for the software to recognize behavior or objects; the software reports unusual or suspicious behaviors based on memories it has acquired through observations over time. BRS Labs was founded in November 2005 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas with U.S. and international offices in London, São Paulo, and Washington, DC.


BRS Labs
Lynn Welch, Director of Communications, 703-501-4308

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BRS Labs selected as finalist in INSTINCT –- technology challenge led by the UK Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT).


BRS Labs
Lynn Welch, Director of Communications, 703-501-4308