The Burgett Group Signs Jon Anderson: Legendary YES Singer/Songwriter, Going Strong & Expanding Artistry with Special Projects

HD Net Television Special "State of Independence" - Performing with Contemporary Youth Orchestra - Premieres November 28, 2010

Solo World Tour Hits West Coast in December;

New Album with Rick Wakeman, “The Living Tree” Hits the U.S. on 1/11/11;

New Solo Album "Survival and Other Stories" in 2011

LOS ANGELES--()--Los Angeles-based public relations and branding company, The Burgett Group, signs Jon Anderson (, who — as one of the most recognizable voices in rock as the lead vocalist and creative force behind one of the world’s most famous stadium bands, YES—continues to diversify his artistic repertoire. On the heels of turning 66 on October 25, 2010—and the recent finish of a triumphant U.K Tour with keyboardist Rick Wakeman (an original YES band mate) to celebrate the release of their new album, “The Living Tree”—Anderson exhibits his artistry and unlimited creativity with the airing of “State of Independence: Jon Anderson and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra” on HDNet on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Anderson also resumes his successful worldwide solo Tour, “An Acoustic Evening with Jon Anderson,” with a series of West Coast dates, starting Wednesday, December 1, 2010, at The Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles.

Anderson had a respiratory health scare in 2008 that kept him from touring with YES in 2009. The band chose to go on without him as he recovered. He is now better, going stronger than ever and venturing into unique special projects, such as working with teen orchestras, collaborating with musicians from around the globe via the Internet, and working with teenagers from the School of Rock. He is also composing modern symphonies, violin concertos, and theatrical musicals (including a Rap Opera, no less!). As a consummate multi-layered artist, Anderson is also a talented painter, and is even venturing into clothing design.

Anderson’s Work with Youth

Over the past five years, Anderson has composed and performed a number of times with teens via the School of Rock, the national leader in music education for kids. His latest venture shares his talents in collaboration with the 112-member Contemporary Youth Orchestra (CYO) of Cleveland and 60-member student chorus in an exhilarating performance that exudes energy and joy. This special HDNet premiere showcases a new take on some old YES favorites such as, “Starship Trooper,” “Show Me,” “Long Distance Runaround,” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” The lineup also includes songs that were previously unreleased including “Music is God,” and “Big Buddha.” An online teaser and promo for the show can be seen on YouTube.

Anderson says, “Working and singing with the youth orchestra and chorus was a wonderful blessing in my life. These teenagers love music and perform as well as any adult orchestra that I've worked with around the world.”

Anderson first appeared with the CYO of Cleveland in 2004. The concert was recorded but was only released to the orchestra members. Now, HDNet Concert Series premieres the reunion performance of Anderson and the CYO, which was filmed in May 2010, at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.

New Album “The Living Tree”

Voiceprint is proud to present the release of the new Anderson/Wakeman album, “The Living Tree,” which is becoming available digitally in online stores, including Amazon, Gonzo, iTunes and Rhapsody. It will be released in Europe to retail on Monday, November 29, 2010. “The Living Tree” will be released in the United States on Tuesday, January 11, 2011. Anderson and Wakeman performed with YES together various times throughout the band’s history. They also collaborated on two albums as Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe. “The Living Tree” is their first album created together.

Songs that will be heard hitting the radio airwaves include “Just One Man,” a song reflecting Anderson’s ever-present faith in higher spiritual power. "The Living Tree" (Part 1) relates to the necessity and power of trees and nature to sustain our lives, both physically and emotionally. In "Morning Star," he sings about the power of youth, and the legacy of the 60's: love, peace and enlightenment. The song "23/24/11" relates to the current war in Afghanistan, and how a soldier is counting down the hours and minutes before he can return home. All lyrics and melodies are written by Anderson with music by Wakeman, except the song “Just One Man,” which was written by Anderson and music is by Jeremy Cubert with music performed by Wakeman. The album is produced by Anderson, Wakeman and Erik Jordan with engineering and mixing by Jordan. All songs are published by Write Notes Ltd. and Warner/Chappell. Album artwork is by Mark Wilkinson.

New Solo Album & World Tour

Anderson’s new solo album, “Survival and Other Stories” which will be released in 2011, is the dynamic and soulful product of an ambitious experiment that Anderson began in 2007 by posting the following ad on his website: “Musicians Wanted…Send me your music, just one minute will do.” The response was so incredible that he was able to work via the Internet with musicians from all over the world. The inspiring and exhilarating result reflects themes such as the state of world change, spirituality, and his near death experience in 2008.

After wrapping his solo tour earlier in 2010, Anderson subsequently toured the U.K. this fall with Rick Wakeman. Anderson is starting a U.S. West Coast Tour that begins in Los Angeles on December 1st and ends in San Francisco on December 12th. He then picks-up the guitar again for a series of shows in 2011 that take place throughout North America, and beyond. For a detailed schedule of Anderson’s upcoming Tour, “An Acoustic Evening with Jon Anderson,” please visit

About Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable voices in rock as the lead vocalist and creative force behind YES. Anderson was the author and a major creative influence behind the series of epics produced by YES and his role in creating such complex pieces as "Close to the Edge," "Awaken," and especially "The Gates of Delirium," which was central to the band's success. Additionally, Anderson co-authored the group's biggest hits, including "I've Seen All Good People," Roundabout," and "Owner Of A Lonely Heart." He has recorded with Oscar winner Vangelis many times, creating four unique albums, which have sold millions around the world. He has also performed with the Grammy Award and Golden Globe-winning Japanese musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Kitaro—even performing a special concert with him for the Royal House of Thailand. It is a commonly held misconception that Anderson sings falsetto. This is not the case, as his normal singing (and speaking) voice is naturally above the tenor range. In a 2008 interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he stated, "I'm an alto tenor and I can sing certain high notes, but I could never sing falsetto, so I go and hit them high." Anderson is also responsible for most of the mystically-themed lyrics and concepts. The lyrics are frequently inspired by various books Anderson has enjoyed—from Tolstoy's War and Peace to Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. A footnote in Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi inspired an entire double album: “Tales from Topographic Oceans” (1973). Recurring themes include environmentalism, pacifism and the search for truth. Anderson had a respiratory health scare in 2008 that kept him from touring with YES in 2009. The band chose to go on without him as he recovered. He is now better than ever and venturing into unique special projects such as working with teens, both in orchestras (i.e. Contemporary Youth Orchestra) and in rock n' roll (School of Rock), and collaborating with musicians from all over the world via the Internet. He is also composing modern symphonies, violin concertos and theatrical musicals, including a Rap Opera. As a consummate multi-layered artist, a true passion for Anderson is painting, and he uses his art as yet another channel for his limitless creativity and self-expression. His artwork, which he also designs on clothing, is available to view on his official website,

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