15 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from South Africa, Colombia and Mexico Join the Endeavor Network

CAPE TOWN, South Africa--()--Endeavor invited 15 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from South Africa, Colombia and Mexico to join its network at its 37th International Selection Panel held in Cape Town, South Africa November 17 – 19, 2010. Endeavor now supports 555 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 358 companies in 11 emerging market countries.

These entrepreneurs were selected by top business leaders from the United States, Europe and South Africa.

“This panel, our sixth in South Africa since we established our affiliate here in 2004, affirms the importance of High-Impact Entrepreneurship,” said Endeavor Co-founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg. “Endeavor is committed to identifying the most promising entrepreneurs in emerging markets and helping them scale their businesses. These entrepreneurs will not only create value-added jobs that are necessary for any growing economy, they will also inspire a culture of entrepreneurship in traditionally risk-averse environments.”

Endeavor South Africa brought 11 entrepreneurs from 6 companies to the Selection Panel, 6 entrepreneurs of which were selected (see list below). The affiliate’s increased search and selection capabilities, particularly among entrepreneurs from previously disadvantaged groups, have been supported in part by a grant from the Citi Foundation. Citi has also provided support for 2010/2011 Endeavor search and selection activities in Egypt and Turkey.

The International Selection Panel is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step Search & Selection process where top business leaders interview and then offer guidance to entrepreneur candidates. Endeavor provides selected entrepreneurs with customized services from successful business mentors, Fortune 500 consulting firms and top international business schools.

Companies/Entrepreneurs selected are:

Campoalto – Colombia

Entrepreneurs: Andrés Angulo, Alvaro Hoffmann, Hugo Fernando Novoa.

Campoalto is an education company that operates 16 career certification programs at five “campus” locations in Bogotá. CA programs cover offerings in the Health Care sector and, more recently, Hotel Management and Food Services.

Cibecs – South Africa

Entrepreneur: Richard Dewing

Founded in 2004, Cibecs provides enterprise-wide, centrally managed, automated and secure data protection and recovery services for desktops and notebooks. Its product, Cibecs Continuity, allows clients to easily and quickly recover lost data, reducing infrastructure utilization and optimizing bandwidth and storage usage.

Cinemagic-- Mexico

Entrepreneurs: Roberto Quintero Vega & José Irigoyen Palacios

Cinemagic builds and manages high-tech, modern movie complexes in regional Mexican cities with populations of 50,000-150,000.

Integr8 – South Africa

Entrepreneurs: Lance Fanaroff and Rob Sussman.

Integr8 IT is now the largest privately owned Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Company on the African continent. It currently supports and regulates the ICT environment of many of South Africa’s leading organizations including Microsoft South Africa, Ernst & Young and Nedbank.

Masana – South Africa.

Entrepreneur: Cynthia Mkhombo.

Masana Hygiene Services provides office cleaning programs for clients in a full range of corporate, retail and commercial sectors. In six years, Masana has grown from 7 to over 700 employees, the majority of whom are women.

Neve Gelato – Mexico

Entrepreneur: Francisco Xavier Briseno Sanchez

Founded in 1999 as Mexico’s first Italian-style ice cream chain, Neve Gelato has built its brand name and retail presence in Mexico City, currently operating 26 shops, and has plans for major expansion throughout the country.

Pabisan – Mexico

Entrepreneur: Enrique Antonio Ramon Eisenring

Puebla-based Pabisan produces specialty bakery products such as low-sugar and gluten-free bread. Its business lines now span several markets to include a high-end retail bakery franchise, wholesale production for leading domestic supermarkets and exports to American supermarkets.

Pagos Online – Colombia

Entrepreneurs: Jose Fernando Velez and Martin Schrimpff

PagosOnline has become a domestic industry leader, capturing 80% of the transactions of the Colombian e-commerce market. The company specializes in integrating local forms of payment—such as cash or bank transfers—into their online payment platform.

SYNAQ – South Africa

Entrepreneurs: Yossi Hasson and David Jacobson.

SYNAQ offers email and internet security products based on the Linux open-source software to both large enterprise and SME clients.

About Endeavor

Established in 1997, Endeavor is the global non-profit that pioneered the concept of High-Impact Entrepreneurship in emerging markets. A growing movement, High-Impact Entrepreneurship is widely recognized as the key driver to sustainable economic development – creating jobs, prosperity and a culture of innovation and investment.

As leaders of the movement, Endeavor has set the standard for identifying and supporting entrepreneurs with the greatest potential for impact. In 13 years, Endeavor has screened and provided feedback to 23,000+ candidates and selected 539 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 349 companies. Supported and mentored by our growing network of 1,000+ top local and global business leaders, these entrepreneurs have created over 130,000 high-value jobs and generate more than $3.5 billion in annual revenues.

Beyond this impact, Endeavor’s support catalyzes a chain reaction in the larger economy – driving investment, creating role models and fostering the conditions for the next Silicon Valley in Rio or Cape Town, Cairo or Jakarta. It is what led Thomas Friedman to hail our model as the “best anti-poverty program of all.”

Headquartered in New York City, Endeavor Global currently supports 11 independently ru-run country affiliates across Latin America, the Middle East and South Africa, with plans to expand to more than 20 countries by 2015.


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Release Summary

15 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from South Africa, Colombia, and Mexico join the Endeavor network, during an International Selection Panel in Cape Town, South Africa.


David Wachtel, +1-646-783-6139 / +1-917-841-4474 (Mobile)