Driscoll’s Raises the Bar on Food Safety and Security Practices; Adds Continuous Monitoring of Shipments on the Road Via Locus Traxx System

WATSONVILLE, Calif.--()--Driscoll’s continues to lead and innovate in the area of food safety and quality. The most recent innovation to assure the quality and safety of its berries is the addition of the OverSightTM system from Locus Traxx of Jupiter, Florida.

The OverSightTM system continuously monitors and reports the temperature, security status and location of Driscoll’s shipments.

Rick Reyes, Director Delivery Systems of Driscoll’s said, “The ability to get information on the temperature of our shipments while they are on the road along with security status and GPS location information is a natural next step for us in our continuing efforts to assure that our customers receive the freshest, highest quality berries.”

“Driscoll’s posed a unique challenge for us,” said David Benjamin, CEO of Locus Traxx. “They wanted to have real-time information on shipments but they don’t own their own trucks. Working with Driscoll’s we developed a fully portable and reusable version of our OverSightTM system. The portable version can be quickly attached to any truck/trailer combination and provide the same real-time monitoring and reporting as our fixed installations. This is the only portable, real-time continuous monitoring and reporting solution available today. We’ve had great response from both 3PLs who handle the transportation of perishable products, and from companies and growers who use 3PLs to ship perishable products.”


The OverSightTM system places temperature, door open security sensors, and GPS location and communication modules on refrigerated trailers to make shipments of refrigerated foods self-reporting. SmartTagTM wireless sensors detect and report changes in temperature to assure food safety. They also report door open and closed status for shipment security.

SmartTraxxTM GPS location and communication modules add GPS location information to the SmartTagTM sensor data. This information is sent continuously from the shipment to the OverSightTM data center. All data are checked for problems such as: too hot, too cold, door open when it should be closed, or a shipment stopping at an unauthorized location.

To make sure the right people get the right information at the right time, the OverSightTM system issues Intelligent Alerts. Intelligent Alerts are automatically generated text messages and emails that immediately notify those responsible of any issue with any shipment.

All the in transit temperature, location and security data can also be viewed online, any time, from any computer, through the easy-to-use OverSight DashBoardTM. This easy access capability supports rapid traceability which can help isolate issues and limit the scope and cost of recalls.

About Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc.

Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc. supplies organic and nonorganic berries. The company offers strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. It also provides specialty berries, such as long stem strawberries and raspberries, as well as golden raspberries. Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc. was founded in 1953 and is based in Watsonville, California. For more information, visit www.driscolls.com.

About Locus Traxx

Locus Traxx improves food safety and security through continuous monitoring and real-time reporting on the condition of food products while they are being shipped. We make food shipments self-reporting. From the farm to the processing center, or from a distribution center to a school, the continuous monitoring and real-time reporting of the OverSightTM system helps assure food safety. Our innovative, automated, self-reporting approach lets our customers assure the safety of their food products through timely access to previously unavailable, real-time, in transit temperature, GPS location and security information. For more information, visit www.locustraxx.com.


for Locus Traxx
Bob Bregenzer, 847-682-2854

Release Summary

Driscoll's launches continuous monitoring of produce shipments to ensure food safety and security. Temperature and door-open sensors and GPS system from Locus Traxx assures quality of berries.


for Locus Traxx
Bob Bregenzer, 847-682-2854