CaseCentral’s Weekly ‘Case in Point’ eDiscovery Cartoon Series Celebrates Second Anniversary of Providing Humor and Wit

Members of Legal, Litigation Support and IT Community Participate in ‘Case in Point’ Caption Contest

SAN FRANCISCO--()--CaseCentral, the leader in secure, cloud-based eDiscovery software for corporate counsel and law firms to simplify and take control of eDiscovery, is celebrating the second birthday of its weekly eDiscovery cartoon series, ‘Case in Point.’ In honor of the celebration, ‘Case in Point’ readers put their wit to the test by participating in a second anniversary cartoon caption contest. After receiving nearly 100 entries from around the globe, today’s Case in Point cartoon, with the winning caption selected by voters, was submitted by Dave Swider of Evolve Discovery.

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“Case in Point makes Mondays somewhat less painful by pointing out the wonderful absurdity of modern litigation,” said Dave Swider. “I even have a framed cartoon on my desk. Some folks I know don’t ‘get it,’ but they don’t laugh at my puns either.”

Requested by readers, listed below are the top 10 Case in Point cartoons over the past two years:

1. eDiscovery on Trial
2. Hold Everything
3. eDiscovery Olympics
4. Head in the Cloud
5. Lost in Translation
6. Sanctions Al Dente
7. eDiscovery Evolution
8. Facebook
9. How eDiscovery Works
10. Cooperation Proclamation

"To put it modestly, CaseCentral's Case in Point cartoon series is the best weekly e-discovery cartoon series in the world," says Gabe Acevedo, publisher of the e-discovery blog Gabe's Guide to the e-Discovery Universe and's Legal Technology blogger. "Now, it may be true that it's the only e-discovery cartoon series out there, but little things like facts won't stop me from recognizing greatness when I see it. In all seriousness, The Case in Point cartoon series is genius."

Charles Christian, editor and publisher of Legal Technology Insider and The Orange Rag, writes "With so much bland marketing activity taking place in this sector, it's a refreshing change to encounter a vendor who can not only differentiate themselves from the crowd - but do so using subtle, self-deprecating humor."

“eDiscovery can be a challenge for experienced litigators and a nightmare to teach to students,” said Professor Thomas F. Goldman, author of numerous books on litigation including Technology in the Law Office 2e, Civil Litigation 2e and Litigation Concepts, Thomas Edison State College and the New York Time Knowledge Network. “Every Monday I look forward to the Case in Point cartoon for a breath of humor and a great way to introduce often difficult and complex issues to students and attendees at my eDiscovery seminars.”

“In a serious and sometimes staid industry like eDiscovery, it’s great to have some levity,” said Barry Murphy, Co-founder of eDiscoveryJournal. “And when that levity is built around topical issues, all the better. CaseCentral has done a good job of creatively exposing important issues in a way that’s fun to read. I know I look forward to seeing the new ‘Case in Point’ every week.”

New Case in Point eDiscovery cartoons are available weekly, on Mondays, at: or on your mobile device, including iPhones, iPads and Blackberries, with Case in Point Mobile. Simply point your mobile browser to: and follow the prompts.

In addition, readers are invited to download the Case in Point 2nd Anniversary Screen Saver for Windows. To download the screensaver, please visit: and follow the on-screen instructions. Also, visit the CaseCentral Café to turn your favorite cartoon into a keepsake or gift for that special eDiscovery somebody.

Readers are encouraged to submit ‘Case in Point’ cartoon ideas at: For reader submissions that are used, the reader will receive a framed print of the final cartoon signed by the cartoonist, Tom Fishburne.

“It was an extremely close vote - congratulations to Dave Swider of Evolve Discovery for being the winner of the Case in Point 2nd Anniversary Caption Contest as voted by readers,” said Steve d’Alencon, Chief Marketing Officer of CaseCentral. “Case in Point has matured over the past two years from being simply a light-hearted eDiscovery cartoon to being a satirical depiction of the challenges and social issues existing throughout the eDiscovery and legal communities. We are honored to see Case in Point cartoons being used by educators, lawyers, paralegals, IT staff, consultants, vendors, bloggers and authors to enhance the delivery of their content and the quality of their day. As we begin the third year of Case in Point, we enthusiastically look forward to receiving contributions for new cartoon ideas from our tremendous readership.”

About Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne is the cartoonist behind CaseCentral’s eDiscovery cartoon series, Case in Point. He is the founder and chief cartoonist at Marketoonist, which creates cartoon-based marketing campaigns to help businesses communicate. He has developed campaigns for Wall Street Journal Asia, Unilever, Kronos, Epicurious, and others. He also inks the weekly marketing cartoon, Brand Camp, read by 50,000 business leaders every week. Find out more at

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CaseCentral’s Weekly ‘Case in Point’ eDiscovery Cartoon Series Celebrates Second Anniversary of Providing Humor and Wit


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