Joint BDNA and McAfee Technical Webcast Highlights Visibility for Unified IT Security Programs


News Facts

  • The next episode of BDNA Corporation’s Technical Webcast Series, set for Tuesday October 26 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, focuses attention on the topic Agentless IT Visibility for a Unified Security Strategy” and will feature BDNA CTO Walker White and Ed Barry, Senior Director of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance.
  • The webcast will provide technical background information around the BDNA integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), announced October 11 at the McAfee Focus 10 conference in Las Vegas.
  • The webcast will focus on the critical requirement of enterprise IT infrastructure visibility and how together, BDNA and McAfee can significantly reduce IT security risks.

BDNA Discover for McAfee ePO Solution

  • The BDNA solution provides an independent compliance check with security policies on the presence and currency of McAfee security software installed on networked computers in medium to large enterprises.
  • As an agentless solution, BDNA’s Discover does not need to be installed on endpoints in order to determine whether McAfee security software is installed and running.
  • The result of this is that customers are able to discover any coverage gaps, enterprise-wide, in hours, not days or weeks.
  • The joint solution helps close potential security flaws by providing accurate and immediate reporting on the security status of all the devices connected to the enterprise network.
  • This level of visibility enables IT security managers to quickly identify unprotected devices and bring them into compliance with enterprise security policies.

BDNA Management Comment

Walker White, BDNA CTO said: “The webcast is going to be a no-spin discussion of how BDNA Discover supports McAfee ePO in keeping the IT security storm windows sealed tight against viruses, worms, and other intrusions. Ed Barry will contribute his deep knowledge of McAfee ePO and also discuss how our two companies are jointly marketing and supporting the solution.”

Information Resources

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Kulesa Faul for BDNA
Cathy Wright, 650-340-1985


Kulesa Faul for BDNA
Cathy Wright, 650-340-1985