Viridity Energy and the University of California San Diego Awarded $1.6 Million to Optimize Solar Deployment on UCSD Campus Microgrid

California Solar Initiative (CSI) grant from the California Public Utilities Commission will fund integration of up to 1,000 MW of PV with distributed energy resource management

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.--()--Viridity Energy, a premier smart grid company, today announced that it has received a $1,660,000 grant for a distributed energy optimization project at the University of California, San Diego. Administered by the California Public Utilities Commission, the grant allows Viridity Energy to perform work that will significantly improve the economics of solar deployment in California and demonstrate that the barriers to deployment of solar resources can be overcome through optimization scheduling and appropriate tariff incentives. Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3), a San Francisco based energy consulting firm and leader in cost-benefit analysis and rate design for distributed energy resources, will evaluate the cost-effectiveness and alternative management strategies and tariff designs as a sub-contractor to Viridity Energy. San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) will also provide active support to ensure that the project provides meaningful results for utility and grid operators.

By employing autonomous, real-time dispatch of distributed energy resources to integrate large volumes of PV into the UC San Diego microgrid, this project will aim to overcome significant technology and regulatory barriers to enable wide-scale deployment of distributed solar generation to meet the California Solar Initiative (CSI) goal of 3,000 MW of installed PV. The Viridity Energy led team will develop innovative utility tariffs and incentives and demonstrate PV integration with distributed energy resources management strategies in a live, real-time environment via the company’s flagship VPower™ platform solution. The platform will provide a “Virtual Generator” dispatchable by SDG&E, the local utility, and into the regional transmission operator system run by the CAISO.

“The project addresses two key challenges by overcoming a myriad of communication and technical barriers while designing rates that fairly balance costs and benefits, promote PV adoption and find customer acceptance,” said Audrey Zibelman, President and CEO of Viridity Energy. “The successful completion of this project was through the collaboration with UCSD and E3, which will provide a powerful case study for how distributed energy resources can be better utilized at other university campuses, large commercial and industrial sites and community energy systems. Collectively, the results of this CSI project will serve as a representative test bed for strategies replicable at sites representing over 15,000 MW of load in California alone.”

“Campuses such as UC San Diego are proving to be breeding grounds for practical energy innovations that can be scaled up and replicated. This project in particular will provide a new level of intelligence for campus energy management,” said Byron Washom, Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives for UC San Diego. “With UC San Diego’s growing renewable energy portfolio, Viridity Energy’s optimization solutions will allow us to develop a set of previously undocumented best practices, which will result in rates and incentives that will trigger new customer adoption behaviors while ensuring grid reliability, energy reductions, and new revenues. As both an energy consumer and an educator, this project will allow us to blend those two roles and develop new approaches that will optimize our own energy assets and create a pathway for more widespread adoption.”

“This project will advance our collective knowledge of the best practices in integrating distributed generation, responsive load, smart electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy resources at UC San Diego, into California’s grid,” said Eric Cutter, Senior Consultant at Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3). “E3 recently developed an improved distributed generation cost-effectiveness framework for the California Public Utilities Commission, producing high profile reports on Net Energy Metering and the California Solar Initiative. We look forward to building upon this recent work, and our extensive regulatory and ratemaking experience to ensure that the lessons learned in this demonstration can be directly applied to other locations and programs throughout California and beyond.”

The State of California awarded the Viridity Energy project, titled “Innovative Business Models, Rates and Incentives that Promote Integration of High Penetration PV with Real-Time Management of Customer Sited Distributed Energy Resources”, funding through the CSI Research, Development, Deployment and Demonstration (RD&D) program, which focuses on improved photovoltaic (PV) production technologies and innovative business practices.

The UC San Diego microgrid is one of the most advanced in the world, serving a daily population of 45,000. Its microgrid has an instantaneous peak demand of 42 MW and self generates 82 percent of its annual load on campus. Campus energy innovations have already been highly successful and influential at UC San Diego since 2003. Viridity Energy deployed its VPower™ platform in a previous project, in concert with EDSA’s Paladin SmartGrid, to provide power system optimization and energy market optimization capabilities. Viridity Energy is also working with Drexel University in Philadelphia and Con Edison in New York City to optimize the energy use of campus and high-rise building facilities in those areas by deploying and interfacing the company’s VPower™ platform solution directly with the building management systems that are already installed at those locations.

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For Viridity Energy
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