Infoblox Announces World’s First Integration Between IP Address Management and Network Change and Configuration Management

Demonstrates Commitment to Aggressively Deliver Most Cutting Edge Network Infrastructure Control and Automation Solutions

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Pioneering development of the market’s most advanced network infrastructure control solutions, Infoblox today announced availability of NetMRI 4.3, which integrates Infoblox’s unique Grid™ based IPAM technology with the Company’s recently acquired network change and configuration (NCCM) capabilities. Today’s announcement demonstrates Infoblox’s commitment to aggressively expand its solutions with state-of-the-art functionality that gives enterprises more visibility, control and automation across their network infrastructures.

Infoblox customer Johniel Marrero, Network Specialist at Gaylord Palms Hotel Group, which has both Infoblox NetMRI and IPAM solutions, commented: “The value of Infoblox products is derived from the power of automation, robust management capabilities and network visibility. Instead of the normal mundane and time consuming processes, Infoblox’s automation and control is essential to help our team ensure we are providing a flawless guest experience by maintaining a network infrastructure that is completely under our control and performing precisely as we expect. We see that the combination of the two technologies will bring an exponential increase in control and visibility that is extremely valuable as we look to adopt virtualization and expand our network.”

Steve Nye, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy and Corporate Development commented: “The combination of Infoblox’s proven real-time distributed network data management technology – already in use by more than 4,500 customers and 200 of the Global 500 – with the innovative configuration, analysis and discovery capabilities provided by NetMRI will address mounting enterprise needs to dramatically increase the visibility and control required to handle the ever-increasing complexity of today’s networks.”

Automation and Visibility: Requirements for Realizing Full Potential of New IT Initiatives

For many organizations, lack of automation is becoming a major barrier to network expansion and the broad adoption of initiatives like virtualization and cloud computing. Before virtualization, networks remained fairly static. As virtualization is adopted and to realize its full benefit, automating network changes will be the only way to keep pace with network requirements such as VLAN configurations, ACLs and firewall settings. This is compounded by the explosion of IP addresses, significantly increasing the need for detailed information and visibility of the physical and virtual environments.

Infoblox’s integration between IPAM and NCCM is a unique offering that provides the automation, visibility and control over many traditionally manual IT tasks and procedures, ultimately helping increase business uptime, reduce cost and increase IT efficiency.

Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates commented in a recent report: “There is little if any hope for manual processes to keep pace with the rate of change introduced by server virtualization and cloud services – the only reasonable answer is automation. In this case, network managers could benefit greatly from tighter automation and control around IP address management as an essential aspect of maintaining a highly functional, highly performing network.”

Infoblox Brings Together Leading Technologies to Deliver Tight Automation and Control

Infoblox NetMRI, is the industry’s only NCCM solution that offers a powerful automation tool and management visibility into the health, policy and compliance of the network. It enables enterprise IT organizations to collect and analyze network infrastructure configurations, identify best practice and security policy violations, see the impact of change on health, and proactively identify, verify and remediate issues – all essential to meet compliance regulations and help prevent network downtime.

Already serving as the foundation for Infoblox’s industry-leading domain name system (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM) solutions is the Infoblox Grid™ technology, a real-time network data management system. Unique data management and distribution capabilities of the Grid technology enable network infrastructure resiliency, real-time visibility and management, and automation of many traditionally manual, time consuming and error-prone tasks associated with these services.

Infoblox NetMRI version 4.3 joins the advantages of standard NetMRI functionality with Infoblox Grid technology and advanced IPAM capabilities to deliver enhancements such as:

  • Expanded discovery, inventory and real-time tracking of IP addresses: Monitoring of IP end points now include Infoblox DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) data, which enhances the administrator’s ability to quickly track and trouble shoot problems.
  • Auto population of network discovery data collected by the NetMRI devices into the Infoblox IP address management (IPAM) interface, improving efficiency and reducing risk of errors that could result in network downtime.
  • Auto configuration of customer network definition with the IPAM interface using NetMRI’s ongoing discovery of network subnets and routes, dramatically reducing initial system set-up time and ongoing maintenance.
  • Automated network DHCP relay configuration, providing efficiency and reducing risk of errors when updating network configurations.

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Pricing & Availability

The Infoblox NetMRI version 4.3 is now available on Infoblox physical and virtual appliance platforms. Pricing for the Infoblox NetMRI starts at $15,290 in the United States.

About Infoblox

Infoblox is an industry leading developer of network infrastructure control solutions. Infoblox’s unique technologies, including the Infoblox Grid™—a real-time, data distribution technology—increase network availability and control, while automating time-consuming manual tasks associated with network infrastructure services like domain name resolution (DNS), IP address management (IPAM), network change and configuration management (NCCM) and network discovery, among others. Infoblox solutions are used by over 4,500 organizations worldwide, including more than one third of the Fortune 500. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and operates in more than 30 countries.


Jennifer Jasper, 408-625-4309

Release Summary

Infoblox today announced availability of NetMRI 4.3, which integrates Infoblox’s unique Grid™ based IPAM technology with the Company’s recently acquired network change and configuration (NCCM).


Jennifer Jasper, 408-625-4309