VideoEgg to Acquire Six Apart and Create SAY Media

Modern Media Company Reaches 345 Million. Provides Advertisers the Scale of a Portal, Influence of Blog, and Efficiency of a Network.

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SAY Media Introduction

SAN FRANCISCO--()--VideoEgg, the brand engagement pioneer, announced today it has agreed to acquire Six Apart, the leader in conversational media, to form SAY Media, a modern media company.1 SAY Media brings together influential voices and their communities to enable advertisers to reach a global audience of 345 million.2 The company provides systemic ways for advertisers to engage the social consumer in an era when attention is scarce and interruptive ad models are less effective.

Connecting rich experiences with attentive audiences. The new entity combines VideoEgg’s engagement technologies with Six Apart’s social publishing platform to power advertising campaigns that are more conversational and interactive. Through the creation of social hubs and influencer-driven custom content programs linked to the innovative AdFrames offering, SAY Media delivers engagement across display and mobile. The result is advertising that is more efficient, useful and social.

A powerful collection of influential creators, passion-based communities and engaging sites. SAY Media’s audience of 73 million social techies is larger than CNET, Wired, and IDG combined. At 25.5 million moms, SAY Media out-numbers Nickelodeon Family, BabyCenter and the CafeMom Network combined. The company’s 34 million sports enthusiasts are nearly 40 percent more than ESPN online. SAY Media partners with hundreds of powerful online sites and vertical communities like Talking Points Memo,, Daily Makeover, Divine Caroline, Gaia Online, Instructables, and Minyanville as well as influential voices including Jeff Katz, movie producer and founder of, Dr. Alan Greene, pediatrician and founder of and Deborah Piscione, founder of celebrity news site Betty Confidential. Overall, SAY Media’s total audience will rank #1 in Blogs and #2 in Conversational Media, second only to Facebook.3

A platform for a new era. Media is changing faster than advertising, moving fluidly across devices and social platforms, and authored by a new breed of passionate, niche creators. Advertising technologies have not kept pace with the change. By creating better approaches to distribute, integrate and measure advertising experiences, The SAY Media Platform enables more brands to realize the potential of digital media, and enables more creators to grow audience and benefit from improved economics.


Matt Sanchez, CEO: “Media has fundamentally changed and the new models can’t be ignored. Content consumption patterns are being driven by social connections and new types of content creators and aggregators from Huffington Post to Perez Hilton to Angry Birds have built passionate audiences and grown strong media businesses out of the change. SAY Media is a media company designed to meet these new challenges and help advertisers find systemic ways to garner attention.”

Troy Young, President: “On-demand access to media has increased the value consumers ascribe to their attention. A recent study we conducted with comScore and IPG Labs shows they simply refuse to be subjected to sub-par ad experiences—and why should they? They don’t have to. This powerful indictment of the interruptive ad model validates our approach. We offer our clients what no other media company can—the ability to get attention and gain influence in a new media world that is more conversational, more interactive and more social.”

Mena Trott, Six Apart co-founder: “SAY Media continues Six Apart’s mission to make passionate creators successful. Whether on TypePad or another platform, developing a game or an application, the company will empower people to create great content and make money doing it. This acquisition marks a new beginning as we launch a modern media company centered on the creators, the content, and the audiences that are redefining media.”

Jonathan Nelson, CEO, Omnicom Digital: “VideoEgg’s history of delivering rich ad content gets really interesting when combined with the scale SAY offers in key verticals like women, parenting and young men. Add Six Apart’s social publishing technology and they will have the ability to make content an integrated part of the offering. This is timely proposition for media and creative agencies looking to move beyond banners.”

Jeff Katz, former executive at New Line Cinema and Fox and founder of “The SAY Media team understands what drives me as a creator and supports my passion for producing genre content. Their expertise in engagement media, their dedicated sales team and unrivaled technology platform empower me to build a business by doing what I love—creating great content and connecting with my audience at GeekWeek.”


SAY Media is a modern media company, the evolution of VideoEgg as it continues its mission to make online advertising better. SAY Media helps advertisers engage today’s social consumer through rich content experiences while helping creators monetize their work and grow their audiences. The company connects paid and earned media to deliver brand messages to an online audience of 345 million across display and mobile.


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1 VideoEgg and Six Apart have entered into a reseller agreement, which allows each party to sell certain name products of the other party during the period prior to completion of the acquisition.

2 Calculations compiled by SAY Media using comScore’s global projections for VideoEgg and Six Apart as well as comScore’s measurement of total unduplicated audiences in US, Canada and the UK.

3 The vertical reach figures are SAY Media calculations based on comScore’s US July Plan Metrix, Key Measures and Cross Visiting tools.

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SAY Media
Clint Bagley, 415-706-1582
Director, Global Communications


SAY Media
Clint Bagley, 415-706-1582
Director, Global Communications