MIT’s Technology Review Reveals the 2010 TR35 List of the Year’s Top Young Innovators

TR35 to be Honored at Technology Review’s EmTech@MIT 2010 Conference in September

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--MIT’s Technology Review today announced the 2010 TR35, its annual list of 35 outstanding men and women under the age of 35 who exemplify the spirit of innovation in business and technology. This year’s winners have created innovations over a wide variety of fields, including energy, biomedicine, communications, IT, transportation, and the Web. Their groundbreaking work is liberating patients from sleep clinics, shaping the rules for social networks, bringing down the price of OLED displays, and helping populations cope with crisis. In short, the 2010 TR35 are transforming technology and tackling problems in a way that is likely to benefit society and business.

Technology Review also named Ushahidi’s David Kobia the 2010 Humanitarian of the Year. Kobia’s Web programming helps communities around the world facing catastrophe, and shows us how new crowdsourcing techniques can bring aid to people in their times of greatest need. The complete 2010 TR35 list includes individuals from such well-known organizations and institutions as Alcatel-Lucent, Columbia University, Google, Harvard University, Microsoft Research, MIT, Princeton University, and the Whitehead Institute.

“Discovering the amazing young men and women who make up the TR35 is one of the highlights of the year for us,” said Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review. “They inspire and expand our sense of what is possible. We honor them for their current work and look forward to their future accomplishments.”

The 2010 TR35 were selected from more than 300 submissions by the editors of Technology Review in collaboration with a prestigious panel of judges from leading organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, Hewlett-Packard, MIT, Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Yahoo Labs. TR35 winners will be profiled in the September/October issue of Technology Review and online at In addition, the EmTech@MIT 2010 Conference, to be held September 21–23 at MIT, will honor the winners in a series of “Meet the TR35” presentations and a dedicated awards ceremony and reception.

NOTE: A complete list of the 2010 TR35 follows.

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2010 TR35

Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Harvard

Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research

David Bradwell, MIT

Wesley Chan, Google

Ranveer Chandra, Microsoft Research

Gabriel Charlet, Alcatel-Lucent

Aaron Dollar, Yale University

Hany Eitouni, Seeo

Nick Feamster, Georgia Tech

Rikin Gandhi, Digital Green

Jacob Hanna, Whitehead Institute

Amir Alexander Hasson, United Villages

Kim Hazelwood, University of Virginia

David Karp, Tumblr

David Kobia, Ushahidi

Christopher Kruegel, University of California, Santa Barbara

Kati London, Area/Code

Philip Low, NeuroVigil

Timothy Lu, Ascendia Biotechnology, MIT

Conor Madigan, Kateeva

Michael McAlpine, Princeton University

Indrani Medhi, Microsoft Research India

Peter Meinhold, Gevo

Avi Muchnick, Aviary

Jochen Mundinger, RouteRank

Celeste Nelson, Princeton University

Michelle Povinelli, University of Southern California

Lyndon Rive, SolarCity

Chris Rivest, SunPrint

Andrey Rybalchenko, University of Technology, Munich

T. Scott Saponas, Microsoft Research

Mikhail Shapiro, Third Rock Ventures

Samuel Sia, Columbia University

Jian Sun, Microsoft Research Asia

Richard Tibbetts, StreamBase Systems


For Technology Review
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MIT’s Technology Review today announced the 2010 TR35, its annual list of 35 outstanding men and women under the age of 35 who exemplify the spirit of innovation in business and technology.


For Technology Review
Marissa Goldstein, 617-391-9646