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Coalition Brings Process and Automation Maturity to Private and Hybrid Clouds; Responds to Independent Research Firm Report—“You’re Not Ready for Internal Cloud”—with Enterprise-Ready Offering at VMworld 2010

  • Analyst sees coalition as an example of how enterprise clouds will be realized
  • Complete, enterprise-ready cloud helps transform IT into an internally-managed version of Rackspace or Amazon EC2
  • System integrator to fuse vendor technologies into industry’s first integrated, self-service private cloud offering
  • Download an overview white paper at; read a Q&A at; access an on-demand webinar at; view two-minute video at
  • See a demo at VMworld 2010, booth 102

newScale, rPath and Eucalyptus Systems today announced an integrated technology platform that will provide an on-ramp to private and hybrid cloud computing in the enterprise. The technology combination is designed to help businesses achieve maximum IT agility through cloud computing, integrating infrastructure for private and hybrid clouds with enterprise IT self-service and system automation.

As a preferred delivery partner, MomentumSI will bring enterprise IT organizations self-service private and hybrid clouds built on top of the three vendors’ technologies. This initiative creates a compelling, enterprise-ready option for executives who want to transform their IT departments into internally-managed versions of a public cloud service.

Eucalyptus, newScale and rPath will jointly demonstrate this technology integration in booth 102 at VMworld 2010, to be held August 30-September 2, 2010, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

A recent Forrester Research, Inc. report1 titled, “You’re Not Ready For Internal Cloud,” stated: “[Internal/private cloud] seems like a no-brainer: faster time-to-market, a fully virtualized environment, flexible chargeback if needed, and all inside your corporate protections. What’s not to love? ... To be ready, [organizations] must first scale operational standardization, automation, and virtualization mountains.”

Inside the Enterprise Cloud

Interest in self-service private and hybrid cloud computing is surging as enterprise business units press their IT departments to deliver the kinds of simple, on-demand infrastructure services readily available from public clouds like Rackspace or Amazon EC2. Many IT organizations, however, are not ready to make the transition from interest to action. They do not have the infrastructure or process maturity to provide the dynamic elasticity found in the public cloud.

The agility benefits of private and hybrid clouds, however, are compelling. With controlled, consistent services and compute capacity available on-demand for project leads and application development and testing groups, IT can step out of the way and focus on higher-value tasks—freeing up resources and budget for faster product delivery and new innovation.

The integrated solution offered by newScale, rPath and Eucalyptus Systems and delivered by MomentumSI creates an on-ramp to self-service private and hybrid cloud computing and can help organizations quickly maximize business agility. The platform comprises the following:

  • newScale, a pioneer of the self-service IT storefront for the enterprise, provides an e-commerce ordering experience for both private and public cloud services. With newScale’s software, IT can enable on-demand provisioning, enforce policy-based controls, manage the lifecycle for workloads, and track usage for billing.
  • rPath, an innovator in automating system deployment and maintenance, controls and promotes reuse of standardized software infrastructure and automates system construction, maintenance, and on-demand image generation for deployment across any physical, virtual and cloud environment.
  • Eucalyptus Systems, creator of the leading open source private cloud software, provides infrastructure software that enables organizations to deploy massively scalable private and hybrid cloud computing environments within a secure IT infrastructure.
  • MomentumSI, an enterprise IT services consultancy and pioneer in cloud computing, integration, and application development, provides implementation services, best practices and the adoption model for making the transition to self-service, private and hybrid clouds.

Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, said, “Cloud solutions won’t come in a box, nor are traditional internal IT technologies and skills apt to seamlessly spin up mission-ready cloud services. Neither are cloud providers so far able to provide custom or ‘shrink-wrapped’ offerings that conform to a specific enterprise’s situation and needs. That leaves a practical void, and therefore an opportunity, in the market.” Gardner continued, “Ecosystem-based solutions then are the first, best way that many organizations will likely actually use and deploy cloud services. The technology value triumvirate of newScale, rPath and Eucalyptus—with solution practice experience of MomentumSI—is an excellent example of the ecosystem approach most likely to become the way that cloud models actually work for enterprises for the next few years.”

A two-minute introductory video to the newScale, rPath and Eucalyptus product combination can be viewed at A brief Q&A with coalition executives can be found at The contextual framework for self-service private/hybrid cloud adoption is presented in a free white paper, “Achieving IT Agility with Self-Service, Automation and Cloud” (available at, and in a free, on-demand webinar, “Focus on IT Agility: Self-Service, Automation and Elasticity for your Hybrid Cloud” (available at

About Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.

Eucalyptus Systems develops enterprise-grade technology solutions built on the open source Eucalyptus software for private and hybrid cloud computing. Originally developed as part of an NSF-funded academic research project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Eucalyptus is quickly becoming the standard for on-premise cloud computing, delivering the cost efficiencies and scalability of a cloud architecture with the security and control of deploying on an organization’s own IT infrastructure. Eucalyptus is available in two editions: the open source Eucalyptus and the Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (EE), commercial, enterprise-grade infrastructure software designed for large scale-deployments. For more information about Eucalyptus, please visit

About MomentumSI

MomentumSI is a leading IT services consultancy that helps large enterprises transform IT processes and infrastructures into strategic advantage. Its consultants help clients align business needs with IT processes so they can more rapidly deploy new business innovations. Using leading-edge practices and proven methodologies, MomentumSI provides application development and systems implementations that incorporate disruptive technologies, including cloud computing, continuous delivery, business process management and service-oriented architecture. Founded in 1997, MomentumSI is a privately held company that operates globally with headquarters in Austin, Texas and offices in San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York and Sydney. To learn more, visit or call 512-236-1517.

About newScale, Inc.

newScale is the leading provider of self-service, service catalog, and lifecycle management software for enterprise IT and private/hybrid cloud computing. With more than two million users worldwide, newScale helps IT organizations and service providers offer a self-service storefront for both desktop and data center services—across physical, virtual and cloud environments. newScale customers—including 20 percent of the Fortune 50—benefit from greater IT agility, increased user satisfaction, and tens of millions of dollars in savings. For more information, visit

About rPath

rPath automates system deployment and maintenance across physical, virtual and cloud environments. rPath’s innovative release automation platform is based on the industry’s only commercial version control repository for managing deployed software systems. The result is an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective automation solution for rapid, low-risk and low-overhead deployment and maintenance of complex software systems. rPath dramatically improves responsiveness to business lines, reduces compliance risks, and allows resource-constrained IT organizations to significantly reduce operating costs and “do more with less.” Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, rPath customers include many of the world’s largest enterprises and ISVs.

For more information on rPath, please visit For additional perspectives, visit and subscribe to rPath RSS blog feeds at Follow rPath on Twitter at @rpath and Facebook at

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1 “You’re Not Ready For Internal Cloud,” Forrester Research, Inc., July, 2010


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Download white paper at; Q&A at; access on-demand webinar at; view video at See demo at VMworld 2010, booth 102.


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