Eleven High-Impact Entrepreneurs from Chile, Jordan, Mexico and Turkey Join the Endeavor Network

ISTANBUL, Turkey--()--Endeavor invited eleven High-Impact Entrepreneurs from Chile, Jordan, Mexico and Turkey to join its network at its 35th International Selection Panel held in Istanbul, Turkey. Endeavor now supports 517 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 336 companies in 11 emerging market countries.

These entrepreneurs were selected by top business leaders from Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United States and Uruguay.

“Following the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship hosted by President Obama, this selection panel in Istanbul affirms the importance of High-Impact Entrepreneurship,” said Endeavor Co-founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg. “Endeavor is committed to identifying the most promising entrepreneurs in emerging markets and helping them scale their businesses. These entrepreneurs will not only create value-added jobs that are necessary for any growing economy, they will also inspire a culture of entrepreneurship in traditionally risk-averse environments.”

The International Selection Panel is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step Search & Selection process where top business leaders interview and then offer guidance to entrepreneur candidates. Endeavor provides selected entrepreneurs with customized services from successful business mentors, Fortune 500 consulting firms and top U.S. business schools.

Entrepreneur(s)/Companies selected:


Entrepreneur: Patricia Cuevas
Company: Socomal
Description: Socomal cultivates, processes and sells lupin, a legume popular in the Middle East. It is the world’s largest lupin exporter, controlling nearly 30 percent of global exports.


Entrepreneurs: Omar Koudsi & Laith Zraikat
Company: Jeeran
Description: With 8 million unique visitors a month, Jeeran is the Arab world’s most popular blogging service, providing articles, music and reviews.


Entrepreneur: Oscar Carrillo Munoz
Company: MexQ
Description: MexQ delivers quality control services for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, helping to reduce production line failures. This is important in Mexico, where four percent of the country’s GDP depends on the automotive industry.

Entrepreneur: Carlos Mastretta
Company: Tecnoidea (Mastretta)
Description: Carlos Mastretta is introducing the Mastretta MXT, the world’s first sports car that is conceived, designed, and manufactured in Mexico. Mastretta’s MXT sports car is set to launch in July.

Entrepreneurs: Morgan Guerra Gea & Christian Guerra Gea
Company: Previta
Description: Brothers Morgan and Christian founded Previta to combat some of the world’s deadliest diseases through preventive healthcare. With its mobile units and retail clinics, Previta clinics provide affordable and convenient diagnostic tests, vaccinations and health management services.


Entrepreneur: Mehmet Aksel
Company: Academy of Kitchen Arts (MSA)
Description: MSA is a state of the art culinary institute and the only cooking school in Turkey with both international and domestic accreditation.

Entrepreneur: Didem Altinbasak Tulgan
Company: Rafinera
Description: Raferina is Turkey’s first packaged daily meal plan service, catering to clients with special dietary needs and busy professionals who do not have time to cook for themselves.

Entrepreneur: Emrah Kaya & Asli Caner
Company: Youthholding
Description: Youthholding comprises three businesses that cater to Turkey’s under-30 demographic through media and marketing campaigns.

For further details on the selected entrepreneurs or Endeavor’s entire portfolio of High-Impact Entrepreneurs please contact elmira@endeavor.org

About Endeavor

Endeavor breaks down barriers that prevent emerging-market entrepreneurs from reaching their high-impact potential. Hailed by NYT columnist Thomas Friedman as the "mentor capitalist" model, Endeavor identifies entrepreneurs leading high-growth innovative companies in emerging markets. These entrepreneurs are given world-class strategic advice, access to key networks and other tools that will catapult them to success. With Endeavor's guidance they become “high-impact” – expanding employment, generating wealth and inspiring others to innovate. Often overlooked, these local entrepreneurs are now jumpstarting private sector development in their countries.

As of 2009, Endeavor Entrepreneurs throughout Latin America, Egypt, India, Jordan, South Africa and Turkey have created more than 130,000 jobs and generated over $3.5 billion in revenues. For more information, visit www.endeavor.org


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e-mail: elmira@endeavor.org


Elmira Bayrasli
Office Phone: +1-212-352-3200
Mobile Phone: +1-646-491-2969
e-mail: elmira@endeavor.org