Panasonic Solutions Company Offers Customized Financing and Leasing Options Through National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement

Relationship with National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance creates flexible solutions, lower up-front capital expenses, and time savings for public agencies nationwide

SECAUCUS, N.J.--()--Panasonic Solutions Company (PSC), manufacturer of durable, reliable Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers, today announced that Panasonic Finance Solutions (administered by CoActiv Partners) has begun offering financing and leasing options through the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company’s (National IPA) National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement. National IPA works with public and nonprofit agencies, who as a Principal Procurement Agency, competitively solicits national contracts for aggregated use. In partnering with National IPA, Panasonic is able to offer technology to its customers at a lower cost, with more flexible terms and considerable time savings.

“Panasonic understands that managing budgets and conserving capital is just as important as getting the best technology available,” said David Gerrard, Vice President, Panasonic Finance Solutions. “This agreement makes acquisitions of Toughbook products easier and faster, providing agencies with an array of finance solutions that will make Panasonic equipment more affordable through customized leasing that matches customers’ budgets and mission-critical requirements.”

Reducing Time Spent on Soliciting Competitive Bids

A competitive procurement process is an important part of any purchase decision, but many agencies can’t afford to spend the time or funds needed to publicly solicit bids directly from manufacturers. Through the National IPA contract, public agencies can reduce up-front time spent during the procurement process, especially around publicly soliciting bids directly from manufacturers. The National IPA contract, solicited and awarded by the City of Tucson, AZ, places agencies under compliance for procurement procedures without requiring them to coordinate the process themselves.

Flexible Financing Reduces Up-Front Capital Expenses

The Panasonic cooperative purchasing contract through National IPA offers 100 percent financing for products, services, warranties, installation and software. In fact, if an agency is interested in a Panasonic Toughbook mobile computer, Panasonic Finance Solutions is able to finance the Toughbook product under pre-negotiated National IPA pricing. The benefits of equipment acquisition through Panasonic Finance Solutions not only include 100 percent cost coverage but also technological obsolescence protection, providing agencies to stay on the cutting edge of the technology curve.

“With a customized finance option from Panasonic, public agencies nationwide can stretch their available budget dollars,” said Ken Heckman, Vice President, National IPA. “Government agencies can now acquire reliable Panasonic Toughbook technology in an efficient and economical way that fits their individual procurement situation.”

Balancing Reliability and Fiscal Responsibility

Toughbook mobile computers are nearly 10 times more reliable than competitive standard business laptops. PC Magazine, in its September 2009 issue, reported an industry average failure rate of 21 percent. Panasonic's service records (as of September, 2009, for units in and out of warranty) show an average annual failure rate of only 2.99 percent for all Toughbook mobile computers. The combination of world-class reliability and premier National IPA customized financing options makes Toughbook mobile computers the sensible selection for government agencies.

Key Benefits to Financing Panasonic Toughbook Technology

• Low Monthly Cost: Pay as you use the equipment, not all at once

• Obsolescence Protection: Provides the ability to upgrade or add equipment during the lifetime of the contract

• Cost Coverage: Includes 100 percent of all costs such as shipping, training, software, extended warranties and non-Panasonic equipment such as docking stations

• Conserve Capital: Low up-front cost requirements free capital to provide more flexibility for other operating and capital expense-heavy projects

• Easy Budgeting: Flexible payment plans makes budgeting the expense over the term easier including matching payments around annual budgets

• Fixed Payments: Payments are locked in avoiding the risk of inflation in the future

Panasonic National IPA Contract Highlights

• Five-year term began August 1, 2007

• End-to-end solution contract includes:

  • Toughbook
  • Tablets
  • Accessories
  • Service

• Ground delivery at no charge

• Competitively bid and awarded by City of Tucson, AZ and offered to agencies nationwide via National IPA

At-a-Glance National IPA Benefits

• Cooperative purchasing strategy offers lower costs, time invested and overall resource savings to participating agencies

• National IPA works with public agencies that competitively solicit and award national master agreements through a competitive RFP process

• RFPs incorporate the required language making the agreements accessible nationally to agencies in states that allow intergovernmental (i.e.: "piggyback") contract usage

• Aggregate national volume results in cost savings and value

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About Panasonic Solutions Company

Panasonic Solutions Company empowers people whose jobs depend on reliable technology. Panasonic Solutions delivers collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for customers in government, healthcare, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Products and services within the company’s portfolio include Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computing solutions, projectors, professional displays (including both plasma and LCD), and HD video acquisition and production solutions. As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic is known for the reliability and longevity of its products. Panasonic Solutions Company is a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, which is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC).

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About National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company (National IPA) is a cooperative purchasing organization established for public agencies across the United States with the specific purpose of reducing procurement costs by leveraging group volume.

All master agreements are publicly solicited, awarded through an RFP process, and held by a Principal Procurement Agency. Each agreement includes the required language allowing intergovernmental (“piggybacking”) contract usage. This is an optional use program with no fee to participate. By utilizing these pre-competed cooperative agreements, agencies eliminate duplication of effort and save valuable time, resources and money.

Eligible agencies include:

  • State Government
  • County Government
  • City/Local Government
  • Public School Systems
  • Educational Institutions
  • Other Public Agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Agencies for Public Benefit
  • Non-Profits

To view all current available agreements, or to register to participate, please visit


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Cohn & Wolfe
for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company
Tyler Zlotnick, 212-798-9842 direct