Entrada Launches Health Care Platform Nationally After Success of Regional Rollout

Company Replaces Medical Transcription with System Bridging Physicians to EHR

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--()--After the successful rollout of its clinical documentation and communication platform in the Southeast, Entrada has received venture funding to market the solution nationally to medical groups, hospitals, and electronic health record companies.

Formerly operating as VocalEZ, Entrada replaces medical transcription with a web-based technology platform that lays a foundation for electronic health records (EHR). It also can be used with existing EHR systems to make them more physician-friendly.

Entrada was founded by a health care and technology team who worked closely with physicians to address the hurdles to EHR adoption—physician usability, clinical data entry, and sharing clinical data across platforms and sites.

Entrada automates the end-to-end process of documenting patient visits and then populating EHR, billing, and other systems. The company’s platform allows physicians to continue dictating, which most favor as part of their customary workflow.

Entrada uses a back-end voice recognition system to accelerate document turnaround time. The system is unlike existing front-end voice recognition products that are cumbersome to use and that require physicians to spend their valuable time editing dictated reports at a computer. Entrada can provide fully edited documents back to physicians within hours for their review and signoff.

By automating clinical documentation and communication in a physician-friendly way, Entrada dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of documentation while reducing costs. Customers using the system over the past three years have found that it reduces physician dictation and review time by at least 25 percent, allowing doctors to see more patients or cut back on the evening hours they work on transcription, data entry, or editing. Clients report other benefits including:

  • Improved accuracy, reducing errors and re-work by up to 95 percent;
  • Automatic building of a digital records library that can be easily entered into an EHR when one is deployed;
  • Eliminating misplaced records through Entrada’s automatic interface with practice management and medical record systems;
  • Reducing transcription and medical records management costs by 20 percent or more;
  • Shortening revenue cycles through accelerating documentation;
  • Simplifying integration of hospital and outpatient clinical systems.

“This makes adoption of an EMR by a surgeon much smoother,” noted Bob McCorkle, CEO of The Surgical Clinic in Nashville. “Physicians want to dictate, and Entrada allows them to do that.”

“It’s been the most valuable change we’ve made since I’ve been with Premier, and that’s been four years,” added Becky Miller, manager of Premier Orthopedics Alliance, also in Nashville. “It just got us out of the dark ages and into a whole new world.”

Entrada received its funding from Claritas Capital. The firm provides capital to innovative companies involved in solving health care inefficiencies and exploiting opportunities with disruptive technologies in information services. Claritas has invested in 27 companies and was recognized by Entrepreneur magazine in its annual ranking for venture capital industry leaders.

Entrada was founded by Alexander Poston, who has more than 20 years experience in health care technology. Joining him is a senior team from companies including IDX, Motorola, Verizon, Mysis, GTE, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Healthways, Thoughtworks, and MedicaLogic.

About Entrada

Entrada provides physicians with a gateway to electronic health records. With Entrada, medical groups can quickly implement a system that makes doctors more productive, makes support teams more efficient, reduces errors, and prepares practices for their electronic health record future.

Entrada is unique in providing an automated, closed-loop process that ties together information from scheduling, documentation, EHR, and other disparate systems. This substantially reduces the time, cost, and errors associated with manual transcription and record handling. With or without an EHR, Entrada is quick and simple, and is a system physicians actually use. The company has offices in Nashville, Tenn. and Indianapolis, Ind. For more information see www.EntradaHealth.com.


Kevin Renner, 503-703-9662

Release Summary

Entrada launches healthcare platform nationally. Entrada replaces medical transcription with a web-based technology platform that lays a foundation for electronic health records.


Kevin Renner, 503-703-9662