Ionic ProClean Toothbrush Delivers Astounding Results in Clinical Evaluation

A dentist clean at a drug store price™

Ionic ProClean available in red, yellow, orange and purple. (Photo: Business Wire)

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y.--()--Smile and the world smiles with you. Well, the folks at Global Ionics LLC, makers of the Ionic ProClean toothbrush, are smiling a lot these days; especially since receiving the impressive results of a clinical evaluation conducted by THE DENTAL ADVISOR. In a clinical assessment, the Ionic ProClean was evaluated by a team of dental professionals and 107 patients in over 11,100 uses. The results? Dental professionals reported that they observed less tartar buildup and gingivitis, and believed the toothbrush contributed to good oral hygiene: earning the Ionic ProClean a 4+ rating from THE DENTAL ADVISOR.

The findings of THE DENTAL ADVISOR reinforce what Dr. Scott Fine, D.D.S. has known for the past year. Dr. Fine, a prominent Manhattan based dentist, has been a big proponent of the Ionic ProClean toothbrush since he started seeing the results of patient use. "Over the past 9 months, we have given approximately 500 patients an Ionic ProClean toothbrush at their regular cleaning and exam. Since then, we've documented tangible improvements in patients home care." Yilda Jiminian Taveras, Dr. Fine's hygienist, added, "There is less bleeding, less plaque, and less tartar buildup between hygiene visits."

The Future is Now... This Isn't Your Grandpa's Toothbrush!

It's 2010! Isn't it time someone introduced a little technology to the toothbrush? The Ionic ProClean has super-charged the oral care industry by introducing the science of ions and polarity to the plain-old manual toothbrush. You've heard the expression “opposites attract”? Turns out that plaque has a (+) positive charge and tooth enamel has a (-) negative charge – as opposites they attract and stick. This simple fact has caused lots of trouble for people who desire a clean, white and healthy smile. The Ionic ProClean offers the solution!

Ions: Nature's BFF For A Beautiful Smile

Positive and negative ions exist naturally in your body's cells and electrolyte fluid; and provide your body with the “electrical” energy it needs for normal bodily functions. Remember 8th grade science class? That's when you learned that positive ions contain more protons than electrons, and that the opposite is true for negative ions. The scientists behind the Ionic ProClean applied this knowledge to the simple act of brushing your teeth. The Ionic ProClean harnesses positive and negative ions and puts them to work in loosening the polaric bonds of plaque – allowing you to Feel A New Clean®.

This is how it works: the Ionic ProClean contains batteries inside its hermetically sealed handle. These batteries power an internal circuit board that sends a flow of positive ions to an “acti-strip” on the handle and a flow of negative ions to an “ionic signal” located near the brush head. The flow of positive ions temporarily changes tooth enamel to a positive charge; thereby repelling the plaque. At the same time, a flow of negative ions attracts the plaque so it can be gently swept away. See the Light®: as you brush a red light on the handle shines to confirm that the natural energy circuit is complete.

The Ionic ProClean is available for purchase online at for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Orders of 2 or more will receive a free travel kit.

To see the full clinical report by THE DENTAL ADVISOR, please visit

About Global Ionics LLC

Global Ionics LLC is a startup oral care company dedicated to bringing better oral health solutions to the United States. It was founded by inventor and innovator Ken Davidov, a custom designer & manufacturer of plastic and textile products for national promotions & mass market retailers. Davidov is best known for licensing the spoon-in-the-lid packaging innovation to General Mills’ Colombo yogurt brand, honored by BusinessWeek as one of the best new products of 1999. Global Ionics LLC is based in Pleasantville, New York.

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Ionic ProClean toothbrush receives 4+ rating by THE DENTAL ADVISOR in a clinical evaluation. Dental professionals recommend the Ionic ProClean - it delivers a dentist clean at a drug store price.


Heather O'Connor, 914-773-8700